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Richard Taylor
19th Jan 2009, 07:23
I see O'Sullivan came from behind to beat Selby at the Masters, 10-8. All this with a new cue after smashing up his old one.

Heard him in an interview "matter of factly" saying that when his new cue arrived that he was going to practice with it but in the end "couldn't be bothered". He did the next day, but also tried five others as well.

Earlier in the tournament, he also claimed that without reform, snooker "as dying". He want something akin to darts (presume he meant the Sky version rather than BBC!) & someone like Simon Cowell would jazz it up.

Must admit, I was an avid snooker watcher in my youth, but the last few tournaments I've only dipped in now & again.

So is Ronnie O'Sullivan right? Can snooker be jazzed up to save it?

And as for R O'S himself, as someone who can hit centuries with either hand, is he the most naturally talented cueman ever seen? Or just an arrogant boorish oaf, bit like Alex Higgins in a previous era?

Sport needs it's natural geniuses, but they always seem one way or another to be flawed.

19th Jan 2009, 07:27
I see O'Sullivan came from behind

Did he go for the pink or the brown.....??

Haaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaarrr...... someone had to say it.

19th Jan 2009, 13:23
"Must admit, I was an avid snooker watcher in my youth, but the last few tournaments I've only dipped in now & again."

Same here. I watched some of it with overwhelming indifference.

In the end, I was rather hoping Selby would win because, while O'Sullivan is capable of some brilliant play he is also often capable of behaving like a complete tart. His comment about smashing cues must have gone down well with those who struggle to afford one of their own, and when he tried to start that 'half inch safety shot into the pack' boring nonsense, Selby would have none of it.

Didn't bother to sit up watching for the end.

Incidentally, was that Suzi Perry in the audience? Selby's girlfriend?

(One of the few things I might have missed by always having the sound muted during snooker, just wish I could 'mute' the constant shot replays too)

19th Jan 2009, 13:34
All this with a new cue after smashing up his old one.

A lot of folk don't realise what a dangerous sport snooker is.

19th Jan 2009, 14:02
Didn't bother to sit up watching for the end

Same here. I admire Ronnie's ability but he comes across as a bit up his own 'pink'. Or is it 'brown'?

bar fly
19th Jan 2009, 14:25
I don't think there is any doubt that he is the most talented player the sport has ever seen. I also don't think that he is arrogant about his abilities, but I do think that his occasional indifference to the game comes across like that.

I watch the snooker and enjoy it as much as I always did, but there are only a handfull of players at best that I am excited about watching. Maybe it's the lack of characters in the game that are making it seem more dull - but that can be put down to the stakes involved and the quality of snooker which continues to rise.

I know one thing though, if Ronnie was to leave snooker,the sport would lose out as a result. The fact that he brings something different to each tournament whether on or off the table all adds to his appeal. He shouldn't have to apologize for breaking his own cue or for not wanting to play a tournament for '30 grand', he is just not interested in the money side of things. The fact that he can do things on the table that no-one else can and entertains, all adds to his appeal in my view.

I like the guy.

19th Jan 2009, 15:15
I agree with Bar Fly, if 'the rocket' was to leave the game, the only loser would be snooker. I am unsure how much snooker is losing it's appeal, and don't think it needs to be jazzed up.

Back in the day there was only a few individuals who could win a tournament, Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry etc. Since the start of this century the top 16 has been full of individuals who can and could win any given tournament. Currently Mark Williams, Ken Doherty, Matthew Stevens, Stephen Lee and Joe Swail are all outside the coveted top 16 spots. On their day they are more than capable of beating anyone.

I suppose what i am trying to say is snooker in my opinion is still very interesting to watch. The competition is as good as its ever been. The break building is as good as its ever been. Maybe that's the problem, people dont like to see players win at one visit.

If thats the case you could always come down to the local snooker hall and watch me play. My top break is 29 so no need to worry about me winning in one visit.

One more point, i only think Ronnie broke his cue to challenge himself. If thats what it takes to make him concentrate fully then so be it.

I also like the guy.

19th Jan 2009, 15:25
Jazz up snooker? Whatever next?
Naturist Live Tennis?

Sounds like a load of balls to me!

19th Jan 2009, 15:27
"Back in the day" - You don't go back far enough!

When Ray Reardon, John Spencer etc., were around was the time when snooker had me glued to the TV. Pot Black, Thursdays 8.30pm IIRC.

19th Jan 2009, 15:31
My Dad and I used to watch it in black and white.
Funny thing is that you could tell which colour was
which by the different shades of GREY!! :ok:

19th Jan 2009, 15:42
Unfortunately, i wasn't alive to see the delights of Ray Reardon and John Spencer. So could only go back as far as i could remember.

19th Jan 2009, 15:45
Snoker is proof that giving up cigarettes is hard to do.

bar fly
19th Jan 2009, 15:49
As delightful as Ray Reardon was, and is, the quality of the snooker then was no where near today's. Back then a century break was held in a similar regard to what a maximum is today. Times, money, table quality have all moved on since then, but I think Adz09 has a point. Maybe it would be better if they missed more like to old days.

19th Jan 2009, 15:58
The climax of the final in the early hours of a Monday morning was watched by 18.5 million people in the UK,[ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1985_World_Snooker_Championship_final#cite_note-0)1 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1985_World_Snooker_Championship_final#cite_note-0)

The 1985 World Championship between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor, finished a 01.00.am.Taylor won on the last black ball. Amazing game

bar fly
19th Jan 2009, 16:53
I think that is further evidence that a lower standard of snooker can be more entertaining. We shouldn't also forget that those 18.5 million viewers only had 3 other channels to choose from.

19th Jan 2009, 18:45
I am inclined to agree with Ronnie O'Sullivan that snooker is in need of some sort of shot in the arm - but I honestly don't think that having the players entering the arena a la PDC darts is really the way ahead. Perhaps a relaxation of the dress code might make the game "more accessible" - whatever that is, but what it really needs more than anything else is new management!

Sir Rodney Plonker who has run World Snooker for some years now has totally failed to get proper sponsorship, at a time when coverage on TV in the rest of Europe, and Asia has never been better. There's simply no excuse, even in todays troubled times for having one for having one of the games most prestigious tournaments devoid of a title sponsor!

I feel sure that if the WSA looked beyond the UK for sponsors, they could find support from pan european companies (E-ON perhaps, or EDF) or from Air China for instance. Instead they wind up with SAGA, some unknown electronics company, and on line betting organisations!!

Perhaps Barry Hearn could do a better job - he could hardly do any worse!

19th Jan 2009, 18:52
There is simply no doubt that Ronnie is the most gifted player of ALL time.

OK, Steve Davis blazed the trail and single-handedly set the standard that all players aspired to.

Stephen Hendry was the first to surpass Davis, but Ronnie O'Sullivan has truly moved the game to new heights.

The histrionics re. cue breaking seem like a publicity stunt.

Another great win for the best snooker player ever.

19th Jan 2009, 19:05
17 Posts and not a mention of the loveley referee Michaela.:)

tony draper
19th Jan 2009, 19:09
Yer and the pockets are much bigger now as well, :E

Richard Taylor
19th Jan 2009, 19:37
Barry Hearn was interviewed the other day, & said he couldn't see himself returning to snooker.

Dunno...maybe a return to the days of pints n fags would rekindle my interest.

Ah yes the good old days of Mountjoy...Reardon...Spencer...Fred Davis...err umm...Thorburn v Griffiths ending at 3.51am....:zzz:

Flap 5
19th Jan 2009, 19:38
That Michaela had a go at someone in the crowd when they shouted out. One of the few times that Ronnie lightened up. He's like Marvin the depressed robot in The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy most of the time. Shame Mark Selby didn't win. We might have had someone with the will to live winning the tournament. Shame really 'cause Ronnie is an absolute genius at snooker. But he suffers from what all geniuses suffer from - getting bored with what they are a genius at.

Listening to Steve Davis and John Parrot is about the most interesting part of snooker on telly nowadays.

mr fish
19th Jan 2009, 22:29
simple really, reduce the maximum time between shots from 2 minutes down say 10 seconds, reintroduce booze and allow the PUB LOON to place
50 pence on the corner of the table and say in a voice filled with barely contained menace "PLAY THE WINNER-ONE SHOT ON THE BLACK".
this works in our local and REALLY adds to the "vibe"!!!
for added effect get a bunch of student totty to pull up chairs, stools, tables, err, potted plants etc right up close to the table.
every other shot is then a gymnastics exercise which really tests the players ability in awkward cueing!!!
add extra points for everyone of the dozy bints you hit in the face with your cue butt.
deduct a point for everytime someone mutter "bloody men, its only a game".
a jukebox which only plays MOTOWN, COLDPLAY and COME UP AND SEE ME(MAKE ME SMILE) by cockney rebel would also be a "bonus":}

19th Jan 2009, 23:48
I don't think it's unreasonable for someone who's that gifted to be idiosyncratic, although his play against Embley a few years ago was rather poor sport. Mind you, Embley had his own mind games going once.

He is a delight to watch when he's in song, and I hope that he appreciates that, and plays for as long as he wants to.

I wouldn't take him shooting with me, because he'd bag the lot. Or me.

mr fish
You have to balance your fag on the cushion before you take your shot, or have it dangling out of your mouth.

The 'reach' is called a poof stick.


20th Jan 2009, 00:00
Killer. That's the ticket. We've played killer for years. Line the whole tourney up round the table. Three lives. Three misses and you're out. Each player sticks a quid in, last man standing takes the pot.

Has the added advantage that it's all over in an hour or two.