View Full Version : What's for Sunday brekkie?

18th Jan 2009, 00:29
I got scrambled eggs, (microwaved as they should be for fluffiness) Lincolnshire porkies, a soda farl cut in half & toasted, Heinz tommy & a mug of toxic coffee. All washed down with the Sunday Times & Sun Kil Moon in the background.

There you go, three bases in one. Jesus wept, I talk too much.:{

BAMRA wake up
18th Jan 2009, 00:42
I'm going for fried bacon, mushrooms and omelette and some Finnish rye bread - chewy and moist, thickly buttered with slices of cheddar, a large mug of tea.


18th Jan 2009, 00:47
Smoked and peppered mackerel, and a bucket of tea (the way I drink the stuff)....

Can't get Smokies here, bummer

18th Jan 2009, 00:55
When I arise in the morn, after establishing a commanding lead in the Volvo Boat racing thing, I shall break my fast with the following;

Bloody Mary.

Eggs Benedict.

Bloody Mary.

Grilled smoked Cajun sausage and steamed fresh crayfish.

Bloody Mary.

Fresh oysters on the half shell, Beluga caviar and steamed shrimp (scampi).

Bloody Mary.

Medium rare prime rib and a rack of lamb.

Bloody Mary.

Homemade crepes, served with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.


Hot fudge Sunday with chocolate cake.



Too Short
18th Jan 2009, 00:58

You can't see this can you?

18th Jan 2009, 01:02
You race diet is all wrong Con.
No tomato. No crayfish, no oysters, no caviar because they all taste of fish and are disgusting.
Skip the orange in the mimosa, have a vit C tablet.
Bin the crepe, because it's French. If you need carbohydrate, have a beer.
No grilling, and the only smoking should be a cigar.

18th Jan 2009, 01:04
What? An after sex cigar?

18th Jan 2009, 01:05
Ulster full on by any chance foss? O r should I call you Lord statin of Arteriosclerosis?:p

18th Jan 2009, 01:07
Baked Beans and Toast. Then off to play cricket. Then back to finish off the rest of can of the beans!

Oh, possibly cold milk and cereal too, but don't count on it....

18th Jan 2009, 01:08
Wot? No Bloody Mary's and no Mimosa's while sailing, never.

Totally uncivilized my good man. Just not done, one must maintain one's standards.


Beatriz Fontana
18th Jan 2009, 01:10
Hot buttered toast and a large mug of coffee.

Have to leave room for a pub lunch ;)

18th Jan 2009, 01:17
As a professional yacht skipper, I'd like to say that a Bloody Mary makes a damn fine brekkie. Just helps if you've not slept before partaking. S'all crew.

Whaddya mean we've got no tomato juice? OK, I'll have it without, make it up with vodka. No tomato juice, bloody heathens!

18th Jan 2009, 01:30
(microwaved as they should be for fluffiness)
Really? Microwaving makes them fluffy?? That's a useful thing to know ... thanks, Para. :ok:

18th Jan 2009, 01:32
Pah, them wot can't cook

Howard Hughes
18th Jan 2009, 02:59
The foods you people consume and I'm the one with the clogged arteries!:ooh:

I'll have the usual fish/chicken and salad thanks, what I wouldn't give for a bacon and egg sarnie...:{

18th Jan 2009, 03:20
Bloody Mary, 2 runny eggs on spinach, 2 bacon, 2 sausages, 2 flatcap mushrooms, 2 large (Italian canned) plum toms, bubble & squeek, soda bread & pint mug of Jamaican ginger tea. Sun Times & Torygraph, long hike to local for some exercise (300 mtrs) phone the Mem with wake-up call (even she can't be heard giving bollocking at 300 mtrs). Have meaninful dialogue with Ruddles County, sleep:ok:

galaxy flyer
18th Jan 2009, 03:23

After that, what's for lunch? Diamond Jim Brady is jealous!!

Pour moi Rosti and scrambles, after C-P's menu, might add a glass or two of Madeira. Then off to shovel s'more snow. One needs to get exercise after brekkie.


18th Jan 2009, 05:21
.........pancakes.............with rum and raisen ice cream..........:ok:

Takan Inchovit
18th Jan 2009, 06:40
Dingo breakfast, a pee and a quick look around.

18th Jan 2009, 08:41
Hmmm, about 7 hours to go till breakfast time.

Started the race in 113,113 place so to drown my sorrows,

4 soft scrambled eggs,
A goodly bunch of wild, smoked BC salmon mixed in,
a pinch of finely chopped dill,
pan fried potatoes, well done,
rye toast, well done.... almost burnt,
large fresh orange juice with ice,
lashings of English breakfast tea.


Then a brisk walk in the frosty fog.

Beatriz Fontana
18th Jan 2009, 10:33
merlinxx, that's not Sunday brekkie, it's a perfect day!!

Rather be Gardening
18th Jan 2009, 10:42
French bread with lemon and sugar. Black coffee.

Chesty Morgan
18th Jan 2009, 10:46
Brekkie - A large pot of industrial strength coffee. 3 Marlborough lights. A coughing fit. Sunday papers.

Lunch - Full English sans mushrooms. The Heineken Cup all afternoon.:ok:

18th Jan 2009, 11:00
Scrambled eggs on toast as soon as I've finished with JB, mug or two of tea, struggle with Saturday Telegraph GK crossword while digesting, then out for me first bike ride of the year. Me muscles protest already...

Standard Noise
18th Jan 2009, 11:13
Three slices of freshly cut crusty bread, several ounces of butter, half a pound of streaky (fried, natch) slathered with HP and a cup of shipyard tea.

Oh and SWMMEB has buggered of to the gym so it's all washed down with a few hours of peace and quiet and a bit of prooning. Bliss.

tony draper
18th Jan 2009, 11:20
Due to the influence of this thread one has just had a perfect poached egg (white nice and solid yolk nice and runny) on toast,egg poached in microwave,yer microwave lends itself to egg poaching but remember to prog the yolk or there will be a earth shattering yolk explosion.

green granite
18th Jan 2009, 11:25
1 Mars Bar and a pint of black coffee.

18th Jan 2009, 11:27
Actually Para, I didn't have the full on Ulster for brekkie today, shock horror probe. Because I'd had one for lunch.

Instead I had an omelette heavily dosed with tabasco and curry powder, for filling, a finely chopped shallot, a giant chilli finely finely chopped (which I'm not buying again, they're crap) a big wedge of gargonzola, all wrapped up in multiple layers of honey smoked ham.
Toast coffee all that.

18th Jan 2009, 11:30
Aside from the occasional roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings, I could eat breakfast three times a day quite happily.

18th Jan 2009, 11:37
A ciggie, A good cough, And a gallon of tea.( Sainsbury Red Label.)

18th Jan 2009, 11:43
Jeez Foss, you've the guts of an ironclad right enough.:p

Porkers, farl, egg & coffee going down nicely. Contemplating getting up off my fat arse & going for a walk. Or maybe just starting lunch.

18th Jan 2009, 13:45
Indeed Para.
Dinner tonight, been marinading since last night.
Cajun Chicken Gumbo with Smoked Pork on Rice.
Marinade - chicken pieces, chilli, onions, chilli powder, garlic, soy, zest/lemon juice, cajun powder, scoth bonnets (leave them whole for the girls who don't like it too spicy winge moan) think I put sugar in, can't remeber, paprika, olive oil.

Buck chicken and marinade in pot with a whack of butter. Cook chicken. Remove chicken. Add flour, make roux. (Say 'I'm making roux' to any passing females for extra brownie points).

Chuck chicken in pot, couple of stock cubes, 2 cups of water, cornflour on standy, bay leaves thyme all that crap if you want. Diced onions and ordinary peppers stick in celery if you like but it's boke.

Whatever version of smoky pork you want, in. Go away. Come back twenty minutes later, put rice on.
Bask in glory of low IQ cooking.

18th Jan 2009, 14:26
3 Grilled slices of dead pig
2 unfertilised chicken embryo's
2 tubes of sheeps intestines filled with various bits of plants and dead animal, mostly pig.
A couple od spoonfuls of cooked fungus
Sauteed edible starchy tubers
Haricot beans in a sauce made from the fruit of a plant.
Cup of hot water which has been poured over the topmost leaves of a bush, with a small amount of liquid used to feed calves.

Sod that, I'll just have another beer.:ok:

18th Jan 2009, 14:37
Black pudden with bacon, sausages, tomatoes, eggs and fried cooking apple, bramley preferably as the tartness cuts through the grease. Plus fried bread and possible beans. After that out to move a couple of tons of logs.

mr fish
18th Jan 2009, 14:48
to paraphrase the the great HOMER J SIMPSON,
beer- the cause of, and solution to, all of lifes problems.
p.s, i might manage a bacon sarnie later today when my poor poor tummy stops doing washing machine impressions!!!

B Fraser
18th Jan 2009, 14:54
Two cups of earl grey, a bowl of bran flakes and 90 minutes rowing on the river in a freezing gale.

I hear Boy George will be having a lot of porridge ;)

18th Jan 2009, 14:58
Fraser, consider yourself banned from this thread, and the shed thread. ;)
Too healthy, and just unsound. :(

18th Jan 2009, 16:04
Aaaah, Sunday brunch, the Über-bestest meal, ever! :D
Could have it every day, really... :hmm:
Ones ideal brunch starts with a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice - diluted with copious quantities of champers of course, followed by either Eggs Benedict (with smokey, thick cut bacon, heaps of lavish Hollandise sauce and asparagus) OR scrambled eggs with creme fraiche, chives and smoked salmon on toasted, buttered bagel OR crispy bacon, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, runny eggs and dark toast OR...... the list is endless... Bloody Mary's feature heavily at such an epicurean feast, naturally.:O

Today, however, the breakfast consisted of couple cups of lady gray followed by Finnish bread with avocado, lots of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Yummmm.

18th Jan 2009, 16:09
Three gulps of scalding tea, the rest of the cup donated to the wondrous Mr Picker who got up to make it for me, and a banana, grabbed as I run out the door to be at choir practice for 8.45. :zzz:

mr fish
18th Jan 2009, 17:31
boy george will also be getting lots of pork sausage:yuk:

The Real Slim Shady
18th Jan 2009, 17:31
2 mugs of black coffee.

Nibble at the sheekh kebabs from the curry last night.

Peter Fanelli
18th Jan 2009, 18:05
I had pizza

18th Jan 2009, 18:12
Sunday morning breakfast is porridge day at SpittingImage Mansion. Plus a mug of tea. I get to do all this .. and I generously leave the Sunday Roast Beef for Mrs SI to prepare. In fact, she is busying herself with this (with all the trimmings) as I type. :ok:


18th Jan 2009, 18:12
Well thank you Ma'am, tis tastes we share, does shag one out though:E

Maybe your Iranian can tell of a place his forefathers knew of, not two blocks from the Hilton in OIII (in the Shah's days that is) where one could obtain afore said brekkie afore getting up the hill for a morning slide down the hill in time for a pool dip' and good spit roast sheep meat with loads of Tanqueray & tonic with of course 'boiled ice in case of gut rot'.:E

Been back, but bollocks to THR now:ugh::ugh::ugh: I'll take DAM any day:E

Beatriz Fontana
18th Jan 2009, 20:46

I couldn't possibly comment! Sunday lunch was rather shoddy, so wrote off the rest of the day and focusing my foodie desires upon home made bread rolls with poussin left overs and a mean Devonian apple chutney for lunch tomorrow.

The Iranian is asleep in the airing cupboard. I'll ask him about ye olde eateries when he bullies me out of bed in the morning.


Hot 'n' High
18th Jan 2009, 21:13
Scrambled egg avec salmon, all on fresh buttered toast - c'est magnifique! Even had to run the gauntlet of the “Mad Black Cat”, an evil feline monster whose life revolves around her scran bowl – and whose vision of Feline Paradise involves copious (unlimited amounts) of smoked salmon. Unfortunately, it appears that I rather over-catered at Breckie as the only one who ate my freshly-prepared Roast Beef dinner tonight was moi!!!!!!! Nee mind! All the more for me!!! LOL! ;)

19th Jan 2009, 14:49
Cranberry juice, 2 rolls with grilled ayrshire middle bacon & cracked black pepper, coffee and Scotland on Sunday. 'Er indoors has 1 bacon roll with added ketchup, 2 mugs of coffee and the Mail on Sunday. I'm trying to discourage her from the latter. Some weeks, it's 2 rolls with fried eggs and tattie scone. Bliss.

(rest of the week it's fruit salad - arteries only take a kicking at weekends)

19th Jan 2009, 16:29
When radeng was younger and had an appetite.......

Bucks fizz.
Porridge, with cream and golden syrup (OK, I know that upsets the Scots) followed by
Manx kippers with bread and butter
followed by
Smoked back bacon, 3 rashers, black pudding, mushrooms, pork sausages (3), tomato, all grilled. Fried bread, two fried eggs
followed by
Brown toast, butter, marmalade, tea (three mugs)

Then a gentle stroll, followed by a snooze, and then a couple of pints before lunch

These days.........one glass orange juice with blood pressure tablet. One Weetabix with low fat milk. One mug tea.....no pints and lunch is one piece toast and pate. Dinner at 7pm.

Sic transit gloria mundi.............

20th Jan 2009, 08:25
Last Sunday brekkers was flat bread and curried dahl with some mangled up fried egg on the side and a mug of coffee. The Sunday before that it was cornflakes, black bean pau and Teh Tarek. We're a crazy mixed up family. I'm all for multi-culturalism - as long as its our own version. :ok:

20th Jan 2009, 17:11
All this talk of food is driving me nuts:ugh: All we get here are

Breakfast Mr Andy?

Choice of:

Eggs poached

Eggs boiled

Eggs fried

...every day....

served on a scorched piece of bread cos the bluddy leccy is off for 12 hours a day here now:*:*:rolleyes:...oh, and no butter,,,