View Full Version : Kaká has called off a move to Manchester

Chris P Bacon
16th Jan 2009, 12:28
BRAZILLIAN superstar Kaká has called off a move to Manchester after his agent finally said the word 'city'.The AC Milan striker was furious claiming he had been duped into believing he was going to sign for a proper football team that had won a major trophy since he was born.Kaká said last night: "My agent called last week and said that Manchester were interested in me. I was so excited at the thought of all those great players, the traditions, the best coach in the world, and of course Gemma Atkinson's magnificent charlies."I packed an overnight bag and we went to the airport, but as we were walking through the terminal my agent turned to me and said 'oh, in case I didn't mention, it's Manchester City."I stopped dead in my tracks and said, 'are you having a laugh? Seriously, is this some big joke?'."He said to me, 'don't worry, they're a really big club with loads of money. And then there's Mark Hughes'."I said, 'I already play for a really big club, I've got loads of money and what, in the name of God, is a 'Mark Hughes'?'"He added: "I walked away shouting, 'go and get me a proper deal from a proper English club that does not include the word 'city'. No Hulls, no Birminghams, and no Stokes!'"Manchester City said last night they still hoped to complete the deal if they can persuade Cristiano Ronaldo to sign for the club and act as Kaká's butler.

16th Jan 2009, 12:38
Sorry, every time I hear his name I start laughing to myself. Hasn't he got another name he can use? :E

16th Jan 2009, 17:33
Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite is his brazilian name


Little Blue
16th Jan 2009, 17:43
I half imagined Fabrizio Ravenelli saying much the same in the summer of 2001when he was about to sign for my lot, Derby County.
Unfortunately, the lure of the pound won his heart, and, two seasons, one relegation and a few million quid in the bank later, he was off to play in the desert, somewhere.
But seriously, Kaka to Man City?
If the deal actually goes thru, then what the hell is the future for the 'beautiful game'?