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Bob Murphie
16th Jan 2009, 02:07
Aussie wins VC in Afganistan

Soldier awarded VC for Afghanistan bravery - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/01/16/2467488.htm)

16th Jan 2009, 02:12
Well done that man. :ok:

Flying Binghi
16th Jan 2009, 02:15
...dashed 80 metres under heavy enemy fire...


16th Jan 2009, 03:39
An outstandingly brave young man. I rather doubt he'll be spending much time queuing at the bar, and deservedly so.

The first Australian to acquire a VC rose through the ranks to obtain an MC and bar. Must've been heavy on Anzac Day!

I hate to ask, as I was living there at the time, but - why does Australia have to have its own, different VC? I seem to recall that the VC was precious because of its rarity, does this make it a Clayton's VC?

In no way, shape or form am I deriding Trooper Donaldson, whose boots I am unfit to lick, but why did the Government do that back then? Bored? Republican-minded? I I cannot see why it isn't the Imperial Victoria Cross, she was an Empress, after all.

Well, come the republic, I guess we'll get rid of that evil, lascivious tyrant Victoria and have a Warney Cross or an VB, or something. O tempora, O mores!

(I am just p!ssed off because this harks of an Aussie Nobel Prize coming up)

Buster Hyman
16th Jan 2009, 04:02
Thought the same thing BOFH.:confused:

Well deserved to Trooper Donaldson though!:ok::ok::ok:

"Defence Force head Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston said as the highest ranking military officer Trooper Donaldson was the only man he would salute and did so proudly."

Howard Hughes
16th Jan 2009, 04:28
Our armed forces as far as I understand still swear an oath to the Queen, why shouldn't this man receive the Imperial VC?:rolleyes:

I hasten to add though, in my opinion a VC is a VC whatever the name, it's not about what it is called, but how it is earned!:eek:

As BW, said well done that man!:ok:

Buster Hyman
16th Jan 2009, 05:00
I have no problem with an Aussie award for bravery on a par with a VC, I'm all for it in fact, but if it's not THE VC, then using a similar name seems a misnomer & in some way diminishes its meaning.


16th Jan 2009, 06:23
I understand the award was introduced in 1991 when other home grown honours were introduced but it still requires the Queen's approval.

I guess its a case of it being a VC that's awarded on the advice of the Australian Government rather than the British PM.

A bureacratic nicety that shouldn't be allowed to detract or distract from our recognising and applauding the recipient's efforts.

Bob Murphie
16th Jan 2009, 06:31
The medal was presented by the Governal General who is the Queenís Representative and head of the Defence Force. Strange how we use some of the pomp and ceremony when it suits and go into a cultural cringe when the Royal family is mentioned. Something to do with a mob of convict republicanís I think.

All ranks salute a VC winner. I wonder if The Brits will salute our Digger?

Iím very proud of our Army, and especially of Trooper Donaldson.

Buster Hyman
16th Jan 2009, 07:02
Thanks for clarifying Cooda. My angle is that there's only one VC. If it is still a VC, but reliant upon being put forward by the Oz Govt. rather than the British, then fair enough. I was concerned that you'd get the "Oh, you've got a VC? Which one?"

henry crun
16th Jan 2009, 07:48
Similar questions were asked when Willy Apiata won his New Zealand VC in Afghanistan.

As far as I could make out at the time the requirements for the award are the same as for the imperial VC, and I presume it is the same in Australia.

I salute Trooper Donaldson.

16th Jan 2009, 09:22
Extremely well done that man. His Regimental motto is after all "Who Dares, Wins":ok::ok::ok:

16th Jan 2009, 10:42
Extremely well done that man. His Regimental motto is after all "Who Dares, Wins"

Are they commanded by Mike Whitney and Tania Zaetta? ;)

Well done, the man. Balls of steel!

16th Jan 2009, 11:24

this is one of the most venerated ones:
Harold Brownlow Martin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harold_Brownlow_Martin)

The comments section of the original link is hilarious - someone calling himself Arry has shoved a stick into a bullants' nest.
When are soldiers going to realise that medals of bravery are designed to keep them in line?


Chicken Lips
16th Jan 2009, 23:11
Don't forget part of the rarity of the VC is that the metal to make them comes from the cascabels two cannon captured from the Russians at Sevastopol (except some during WWI and for 5 during WWII - the bronze was missing during 1942-45)

1355 have been issued since 1856.

With the amount of metal left an estimated 80 to 85 will be able to be created.

I don't know if the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand versions have approval to use the Sevastopol Bronze.

Well done TPR Donaldson!