View Full Version : Is A Breast Pump Really An Inflight Security Risk?

14th Jan 2009, 21:26
B.C. MLA denied boarding because of breast pump

Updated: Wed Jan. 14 2009 10:59:11
Darcy Wintonyk, ctvbc.ca

A high profile member of B.C.'s opposition party was denied boarding at Vancouver's airport because her breast pump was deemed a security threat.

Vancouver-Mount Pleasant NDP MLA Jenny Kwan was trying to fly to Kamloops for a caucus meeting Tuesday morning, but security would not let her board when they found a breast milk pump and ice packs in her carry-on luggage......

A representative with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority could not be reached for comment.

Four months ago, a Portland woman was asked to dump out a litre of breast-milk that she was carrying in her carry-on baggage. She ended up checking it into her personal baggage instead.

I think that really sucks.

Nothing could be riskier to inflight security than an uncomfortable new mother with two painfully engorged cockpit-ramming breasts.