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Viscount Sussex
12th Apr 2001, 15:48
Is there room for a LOW COST ,not a NO FRILLS, airline to operate to the USA and the Caribbean on a brilliant aircraft like the B767? I don't mean to cram them in, just low cost reasonable standard seats.
Any thoughts?
I am just looking for a good job, on a competitive airline that I can take pride in working for.

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12th Apr 2001, 16:07
In the end the consumer gets what they pay for. The only low cost airlines are good at keeping production up and the seats full i.e. the charter airlines.

Everybody else will become like the BA's of this world. Take a look at VS and BM, they can be cheaper for a while but in the end they end up all the same. The only way an airline can be cheap and cheerful is giving the PAX the limited space they are willing to pay for.. Consider this: 85% of pax gave price as their primary selection method when selecting an airline...

I'd rather be flying... :)

12th Apr 2001, 16:19
I take it you know of one then...?

12th Apr 2001, 16:47
There are several "low-cost" airlines operating regular services between the UK and Canada; i.e. Canada 3000, Air Transat and Royal (recently bought by C3K). I'm pretty sure that Canada 3000 can no longer be considered to be a "charter" carrier but I'm not sure about Air Transat's status. Both sell tickets direct to the public over the web.

Between them they use a mixture of A330s, L1011s, and A310s on their transatlantic routes. I think they even used to use 757s on some routes, don't know if they still do though. However, interestingly none use the aircraft that has been the dominant type for point-to-point transatlantic operations with the big scheduled airlines; the 767.

Anyone got any idea why?

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Desk Driver
12th Apr 2001, 17:53
Just for the record do youm mean low cost but full onboard service such as C3 Royal & ATA or do you mean Low cost limited service onboard such as Ryan Easy & Go etc?

You fly em we'll fill em!

12th Apr 2001, 20:37
Do you mean like a longhaul jetBlue?

Have you heard of another UK startup idea, or were you just wondering?

12th Apr 2001, 20:45
Think the word Laker shows that it is a very competitive market, especially to the USA. What ever price he put out, the "bigger" airlines matched!


12th Apr 2001, 23:57
Low cost + Low load factors = short life, its as simple as that. If you don't fill 'em the costs aren't low........doesn't matter who you are.

Viscount Sussex
13th Apr 2001, 16:50
Sorry guys. I haven't heard of any start-up airlines. I was hoping for any leads onto a good job. I guess a little fed up with the way some airlines run their operations and the way people get treated. That's all. But I'd imagine most companies eventually end up the same. I am an eternal optimist and live and hope for the right job!
Thank you all for your comments.

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