View Full Version : Manchester City - what a load of Kaka!

Richard Taylor
14th Jan 2009, 06:59
I am hearing strong rumours that Man City have bid 100m Euros (~91m) for AC Milan's Brazilian star Kaka. Oh, & about 250k per week!

In these Credit Crunch times, isn't it time football took a reality check?

Besides why would Kaka want to move to a club that is in danger of relegation...:E

henry crun
14th Jan 2009, 08:09
This is also a Kaka, perhaps they are planning to start an aviary and became confused with the name.


14th Jan 2009, 09:02
Besides why would Kaka want to move to a club that is in danger of relegation

With a clause that says his contract his null if they get relegated, it would be the easiest 100,000,000 Euros he has ever made!

14th Jan 2009, 09:28
13.6 million in wages I hear. Not so long ago that that would have been inconceivable as a transfer fee, let alone a working wage.

Citeh fans may be rubbing their hands in glee, but the game has become a magnet for every vagabond, thief & chancer. It's obscene that such sums are bandied about for the services of sportsmen.

The game I have always loved is turning into a repugnant mix of Hollywood, pantomime & high finance.

14th Jan 2009, 10:20
I've just resigned as a Man City supporter. :mad:

14th Jan 2009, 10:33
I read on Beeb website 100 million pounds and 500K per week. :rolleyes:

Peanuts :ugh:

14th Jan 2009, 10:44
Football has become farcical. Time they changed to only allowing a footballer who was born within 50 miles of a club to play for them, and kept the wages to 1,000 a week then gave them anothe 1,00 for a winning game.

It is purley a business these days and the mamby pamby players go lame if someone looks at them.

14th Jan 2009, 10:50
A lot of the players should be judged by a panel of
"experts" for their "Artistic Merit" as they writh in

Beatriz Fontana
14th Jan 2009, 10:53
As much as I still have an affection for lower league football, I'm afraid this insanity of Premiership wages and ticket prices has pushed me towards supporting rubgy union.

There's just been a piece on the BBC about Scottish football suffering low attendances and running schemes for free tickets to local schoolkids. Great PR for the teams but I wonder how long they can maintain it.

14th Jan 2009, 10:54
Stanley Mathews would go to the ground on the bus, then pick up his fiver a game.

Standard Noise
14th Jan 2009, 11:52
Look on the bright side, it'll triple the value of the club!
A bit like putting a pound coin on the dashboard of a Skoda!:}

14th Jan 2009, 13:03
What do you expect from the tenants of The Council House Stadium?

14th Jan 2009, 14:13
The council house stadium?
Does that mean they'll have the right to purchase
at a low selling price in 5 years?

14th Jan 2009, 14:46
Sure what can he do to make City any better. He has rubbuish all around him...Hamann, Vessell, Elano gone to pot, Benjani !!!

Just another big shot collecting his weekly cheque and going through the motions!!

Waste of time and money all-round

14th Jan 2009, 19:14
The trouble is, it has a knock on effect.

Every other player in the Premier League will think that they should be paid more and its Joe public that has to pay, either as a supporter who goes to the game or as someone who watches Sky.

Richard Taylor
14th Jan 2009, 19:23
Question is, who is after him...is it Hughes himself, or is it his Lord & Masters (or Sheikhs!)?

Does Hughes have a say in who City bid for? Does Scolari at Cheslea, or is it Abramovich?

And will Kaka in true footballer style kiss the badge - yup, Man City were the only club I wanted to play for! Aye, right, just like Robinho!!