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13th Jan 2009, 18:18
THe U.S Airforce is looking at replacing Air Force One. Airbus already has expressed interest in the project.

And we thought the air tanker deal was dirty. This will be some dust-up, just you watch.

Back at the factory, the "Air Force One" is touted as Boeings Big P3nis. This will be very hard to swallow...

13th Jan 2009, 18:20
Big what? Hard to what?

13th Jan 2009, 19:39
SC I think he probably meant to po** this in another thread/forum/newsgroup. Wo'evah.
The Ancient Mariner

(No I don't understand it either)

Jimmy Macintosh
13th Jan 2009, 20:03
I think he's refering to a request for bids to provide a new air force one. If Boeing lose it they essentially lose their crowning glory.

Paradise Lost
13th Jan 2009, 20:06
I tink dat Anticrash fella was alludin' to the above forthcomin' dust-up over who's gonna build the next AF1.....but mebbe he was just talkin' dirty?

13th Jan 2009, 20:57
Before this thread gets moderated off to R&N, I'll chip in me two'penneth. What about a cheeky bid from Ilyushin? They may be offer Uncle Sam a very competitive deal...

14th Jan 2009, 00:27
Chinese could probably do it even cheaper . . .

cockney steve
14th Jan 2009, 13:46
What's wrong with Obama showing some PERSONAL restraint and using Dubya's "secondhand" transport?

To show solidarity and support, he could keep the Boeing factory workers happy, by ordering a plane or two for the express purpose of moving aid to the needy,or some similar use that's benificial to society.

14th Jan 2009, 13:56
I know Obama is not Al Gore, but there must be some consideration towards getting something a bit more environment-friendly. What about a Dreamliner? (Assuming it gets off the ground, that is.)

Lon More
14th Jan 2009, 17:43
What about a Dreamliner? (Assuming it gets off the ground, that is.)

and think about how many workers in conveyer belt factories that will keep in work

tony draper
14th Jan 2009, 17:54
Knowing the cousins I think there will be blood on the streets should they pick summat not built in the USA,tiz a pity we are not a bit that way inclined.

14th Jan 2009, 22:17
Am I right in thinking the Merlin won the competition for the replacement for Marine 1, the heli the prez uses to get to Airforce 1 from his mock-Georgian mansion in Washington? Can't be ars*d checking on Google - I'm sure I read it somewhere.

15th Jan 2009, 00:16
AFAIK this contract kicks in around 2017 so Obama will be long gone...