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Captain Stable
13th Jan 2009, 13:22
Last night whilst watching TV, a thought occurred to me.

We might find people getting more involved in politics in this country and taking a closer interest if companies and unions were both banned from contributing to political parties.

Result of that would be that the parties would have to go to real people, to individuals to seek contributions or membership fees. The result of that might then be that the parties would have to listen much more to the people, to their contributors and members, and take their views on board. Hence we might actually find democracy improved, responsiveness to the electorate improved and find politicians actually doing things people want.

Would they do it?

Would they hell.

So the next thought to cross my mind was how we ever get politicians here to improve the state of our democracy, and to hand power back to the people, so that they are actually accountable to us. And the answer came to me that they would never do it unless under threat of being put up against a wall and shot if they didn't.

So this chain of thought ended with the rather depressing conclusion that we do NOT, in fact, have anything approaching true democracy in this country, and are unlikely ever to get to that state unless it be by bloody revolution.

Your thoughts please, ladies and gentlemen?

13th Jan 2009, 13:36
If you start a revolution we'll follow.....

Wogan for PM
Clarkson for Transport Secretary

13th Jan 2009, 14:02
In a perfect democracy, Joe Bloggs, CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation should not be able to speed-dial GWB, Tony Blair, Tony Benn or Gordon Brown's mobile phone and expect to be called back immediately if unavailable.

Compared to Joe Bloggs, who resides at 3A, Clydesdale Avenue, Runcton, UK say. The 'corporations' have wilfully chosen and accepted the concepts of limited liability and the general anonymity of their share-holders. Why any CEO or managing director anywhere should therefore assume that they have any voice greater in effect than that of a Joe Bloggs of Runcton, or in fact is seen to benefit from any such advantage belies the merits of a real democracy...?! :}