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13th Jan 2009, 11:39
I am sure others get offended by poor and falling standards of the press these days..............but cop this!

Australian aviation pioneer Nancy Bird Walton will be honoured with a state funeral after the family accepted an offer from NSW Premier Nathan Rees.
Mr Walton died aged 93 from natural causes at her Mosman home on Sydney's north shore about 2pm (AEDT) on Tuesday.

now I did not want to degenrate the main thread, but for goodness sakes, if you know anyone in the media.......give them a nudge and tell them all to lift their game.


13th Jan 2009, 11:46
The Press:{

"Doubt half of what they say and ignore the rest"


13th Jan 2009, 22:44
I was standing with a mate when he was interviewed for the TV news.
The reporter, oozing self importance, asked him his name at the end of the interview and carefully wrote it on her note book for the sake of accuracy.
Watched the news that night and under his image there was text, giving his name "Ching Chong"
Now Charlie was certainly a very Caucasian looking sort of cove with a very English name.
She couldn't even read her own writing.
I got caught by a blood sucking, baying bitch (Newspaper) who popped out of some potted palms in the terminal and was really after the fat cat needs to be cut down stance.
She shoved a small recorder in my face and spitefully and most disdainfully fired questions at me on my opinion on what was happening and what I thought might happen (it was at about 9 AM on THAT August day).
She was annoyin' me, so I treated her like I do my wife when I'm bein' interrogated about something I'm not interested in, or ain't gonna explain... I mumbled, "Dunnow" to every leading question, out of the other side of my mouth to the cute little recorder.
This seemed to infuriate HER too.
Finally she decided I was a dead loss for her breaking news and scathingly said, "Tell me KAPP TEN!!! do you have an opinion on ANYTHING?"
Ooooh! you should have heard the venom she got into that title.
I have to admit this was one of the highlights of my life ... don't know where it came from... just popped out.
I leaned close to her and looked deep into her eyes ... first time she'd gotten that from me, sniffed and said clearly, " I like ya perfume"
I thought her reaction to my compliment was rather weird.
Gawd! there's no pleasing some women.
Mate! I've seen heaps of news in my life and on reading about it... There is ALWAYS some mistake.