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13th Jan 2009, 02:19
"Airline wars". Segment on 'Today Tonight' this evening comparing price, service and product of a few airlines. Should be interesting...

max autobrakes
13th Jan 2009, 03:03
Whats the bet it will be a love fest extolling the virtues of the LCC business model and how much better off the traveling punter is now that they exist in Australia.
Appears as though the journo's must be reading and swallowing all those press releases from Qantas at present.
Wouldn't be Qantas management's way of priming the punters in readiness of a rapid escalation of the JetStar juggernaught would it?
Whats the bet JetStar gets a special mention as the worlds best LCC as well.
By the way, when was that Skytrax award presented? 2007 wasn't it?
So how much longer are we going to hear this bragging about being the "Worlds best Low Cost Carrier" for? I didn't realise these awards were given in perpetuity!

13th Jan 2009, 03:03
Since it is on Today Tonight it automatically comes under garbage journalism :ok:

13th Jan 2009, 03:21
Low cost or Legacy full service, there will be no telling the difference when the ATC system falls apart at the seams shortly! :ugh:

13th Jan 2009, 03:33
2008 Jetstar awards were as follows

Jetstar (including Asia)
Best low-cost airline : Asia
Best low-cost airline : SE Asia
3rd best global low-cost airline

More interestingly, one of the airlines that beat them does not even refer to themselves as low-cost

Virgin Blue
Best low-cost airline : Australia / Pacific
2nd best global low-cost airline

easyjet took out best global low-cost airline

THE WORLD AIRLINE AWARDS™ : Results by Region (http://www.worldairlineawards.com/Awards_2008/ResultsFull-08.htm)

While were at it Qantas took out the following

3rd best airline global
Best First Class Lounge
Best Airline : Australasia
Best Economy Class Onboard Catering
Best Regional Airline Australasia
3rd best global onboard catering

13th Jan 2009, 03:45
Its the only ******* international airline in Australasia

13th Jan 2009, 03:59
Ansett was rated second only to a Canadian airline and ahead of Qantas shortly before they were shut down.

13th Jan 2009, 04:43
I'm with coaldemon. Advertising dressed up as news, you wouldn't know when the ads finished and the show restarted if it wasn't for the station promo.

13th Jan 2009, 05:04
Qantas is the only airline in australasia :rolleyes: when did that happen :eek:

13th Jan 2009, 05:42
Whilst on this subject, yesterdays blurb in the Fin Review comes to mind. It looks like the journo responsible only had one information source..the Qantas News.

13th Jan 2009, 05:56
Its the only ******* international airline in AustralasiaYou're forgetting poor little ol' Air New Zealand...:(

13th Jan 2009, 06:05
Every tin pot pacific island nation just has to have its own national airline:sad:

13th Jan 2009, 06:58
there are two ways to spell investigative journalism

the least preferable way puts more focus on 'invest'-igative which typically means a 3 minute 20 second pr puff piece driven by less than objective motives and delivered with the usual array of cliche's and token pax grabs.


13th Jan 2009, 07:55
Best Regional Airline Australasia
Since when was Qantas a regional airline..... (apart from when it first started)?
Or do they mean QantasLink?

Buster Hyman
13th Jan 2009, 08:21
So...who do I write to, to get that 5 minutes of my life back?:hmm:

Eastwest Loco
13th Jan 2009, 10:31
Agreed Buster

The comparitive fares were MEL OOL - JQ, DJ and QF.

So how long ago was this show made??

QF do not even operate into OOL any mopre.

Monty Python provided more factual information in a 5 minute skit.

Must be a slow news week.

Now we will have the nuff nuffs wanting the fares quoted on the prime days of Easter. Oh goody.

Thanks heaps Today Tonight. Stick to interviewing the shallow end of the gene pool over their windfall per kid because they cant figure out how to divide it up between their kids fathers.

Best all


13th Jan 2009, 11:02
So who got best "New World Carrier"? WETF that means. A one horse race and VB still can't pull a prize!

13th Jan 2009, 12:41
EWL - classic grab on society mate. :ok:

13th Jan 2009, 22:44
Seldomfixit. Son I am sure Loco appreciates your support.


Your take on the demographics of a particular group of Australians. Isn't this a case of the pot calling the kettle black. If my memory serves me well arn't you from or worked for a number of years in Tasmania namely in Launceston. Now that would have to be the capital of the gene pool you so fervently refer to.

Have you had a blood test lately?

Cheers all

Buster Hyman
13th Jan 2009, 23:47
It would seem that the LocoBloko has ample supply of specimens to make an accurate call on this.

PS. Moving this from Dunnunda makes this so not relevant to the rest of JB. :rolleyes:

14th Jan 2009, 02:39
Why does the Captain's post have ads by Google for flight attendant jobs ?:eek: