View Full Version : Do Online E-Petitions Actually Work?

22 Degree Halo
12th Jan 2009, 20:15
So, you sign a petition in the off-chance it makes a difference, but does it? Have there been cases when an e-petition is taken seriously? :hmm:

12th Jan 2009, 20:53
Maybe we could run an e-petition on e-petitions to see if people use them & find them valuable. Would answer your question one way or the other.

Paradise Lost
12th Jan 2009, 20:55
Well, Mr. Broon did say that the Red Arrers could perform at the opening ceremony for some event in 2012, having previously said that they were too elitist until he got e-petitioned. I believe however that he said he was only kidding and not responding to popular demand!!!!!!!!!

13th Jan 2009, 08:56
It's just a re-invention of the 'Cones Hotline' if anyone remembers that - ie a device to make you feel you can affect an outcome that makes no difference at all.

Trouble is you can feel better about it temporarily - but soon twig that it's a waste of time and get REALLY mad - so this sort of thing is worse than self defeating.:ugh:

Ancient Mariner
13th Jan 2009, 09:15
In today's Norwegian 'papers there are extensive reports of a major Pizza manufacturer removing sweet pepper from their Grandiosa Pizza after pressure from Facebook groups.
I kid you not.

Howard Hughes
13th Jan 2009, 09:22
I am still waiting for Jeremy Clarkson to take over as Prime Minister!;)

Scumbag O'Riley
13th Jan 2009, 11:11
If the votes you cast at a General Election don't appear to make a difference, why should an e-petition?

13th Jan 2009, 13:12
They will only be seen to make a difference if they are in line with what the government has decided will happen.

13th Jan 2009, 13:48
Not sure if it's the petition per se, more like the chain of events they fire. Search PPRuNe for Mr Pun VC. :D