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12th Jan 2009, 07:42
For a little while now I have noticed flying bug of some kind, not your standard house fly, but one of a smaller kind flying around my house.

Anyway, two of these things are in a continual hold, not your smooth racetrack kind mind you, but more of a rectangle, in my lounge. I have given them clearance on track to the garden or even the compost heap but none of these clearances seem to be responded to.

I have also noticed that they are keeping some sort of stack and go up and down with some sort of order, although there are times when one shoots of in some seemly random direction but shortly returns to the hold.

Has anyone else observed such behaviour, or somehow got these bugs to move off without the use of napalm?

12th Jan 2009, 07:45
Predictable holding pattern?....... RAID aerosol....... hold your breath.

DX Wombat
12th Jan 2009, 11:19
They sound like Sciarids (http://hortipm.tamu.edu/pestprofiles/other/fungnatd/fungnatd.html) to me:

12th Jan 2009, 12:46
Are those the irritating little [email protected]@rds that perpetually orbit one's pint in some British pubs?

They are remarkably adept in avoiding all attempts to dispatch them, the old hand "bow wave" wafts them aside I presume.

12th Jan 2009, 13:08
The ones I get, with monotonous regularity in warmer months, are pin-head size and extremely difficult to spot until the moment they land in the corner of your eye - and bite.

12th Jan 2009, 14:33
for a minute there, I thought you were advertising the sequel to 'Snakes on a Plane'

12th Jan 2009, 19:31
for a minute there, I thought you were advertising the sequel to 'Snakes on a Plane'
HAHAHA!! Good call!

Anyway, prop wash seems to do the trick. My small RC Eggbeater amoungst the hold does the trick, although they have an amazing ability to recover from said turbulence.


mr fish
12th Jan 2009, 22:31
you need a CAT, my moggy has no problems with even the most manueverable of flys.
god knows how they do it but to see one hunt down a housefly in under 30 second is a sight to see.
caught mine going up the curtains this summer, he froze and gave me a
"ok move along, nothing to see here" look, then promptly took down a meatfly the size of a sparrow(maybe!!).
mind you, the look on a cats face when it catches a hornet is priceless:eek: