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11th Jan 2009, 16:52
I got a message from this site before Christmas asking me to renew my password as it was 13 months old.Since renewing it i have not been able to get on here or make contact with admin. Ive tried all sorts of things even getting rid of ie7 and swapping to firefox with no joy. so now i'm here with a different user account. has anyone had this problem?
Happy new year by the way!

11th Jan 2009, 16:57
Been here for yonks with same password and never asked to change it.

11th Jan 2009, 17:07
Try going to your 'User CP' and changing the PW back to your old one. Windows may be saving your logon info in a cookie, which didn't change to reflect the new PW.

11th Jan 2009, 17:40

Just how does he get into his old user CP without a password?

11th Jan 2009, 18:25
It's a Nigerian 419 scam. Under no circumstances renew your password! You can get in immediate contact with Admin by criticising the moderation here wth a few choice words. Maybe you were banned for 5 years?

11th Jan 2009, 20:00
Just how does he get into his old user CP without a password?

LP: I wondered whether someone would spot my evil little trap...

Feckit. Another brain fart. Well, I tried.


11th Jan 2009, 20:11
I hope your other email accounts, etc.. do not have the same password, cause now they will get in. Happened to me, got an email from gmail titled NOTICE OF ACCOUNT SUSPENSION: with this in the body:
Notice of Suspension for @gmail.com (%[email protected])
Please read this carefully

Your Gmail Google account has been scheduled for suspension due to account violation.

Prohibited Action Reported:
sending unsolicited emails to significant numbers of email addresses belonging to individuals and/or entities with whom you have no preexisting relationship

To avoid account suspension, you must verify your account. Verifying your account ensures you agree to Gmail Program Policies which can be found at Gmail: Program policies (http://mail.google.com/mail/help/program_policies.html)

Your account verification code is 0000

Yes, I wish to verify and keep my Gmail Google Account (http://mail-google-account.verify-login.com/edit=MBOCNDIECFAGGIHJIK.html)

If you do not wish to keep your account, you can do nothing or click on the following link:

No, I DO NOT wish to keep my Gmail Google Account, Please delete (http://mail-google-account.verify-login.com/edit=MBOCNDIECFAGGIHJIK.html)

Turns out, someone paid a hacker to get my password! SO needless to say watchout!

And for those wondering, yes I did fall into the trap. A few days after i changed the password again and they resent the same email as above. Didn't fall for it a second time.

Sometimes we need to learn the hard way, unfortunately.

11th Jan 2009, 21:09
Why not use the "Forgot Password" facility on the login page? Enter the email address you used to register with, the system will send a password to that address, if it matches the one on record.

Did you click on a link, in the email, to renew your password? If so: don't do that again, ever. Always go to the site in question by entering the address as normal, then see what's up (if anything). On this site, for example, messages from Admin will be saved in Private Messages, if they were genuine. If you did click a link, there's a chance that your account here was hijacked, and if the registered email address was changed by the hijacker, the above method will not work for you. The Admins ought to have records of any changes to the account email.

11th Jan 2009, 21:36
I wondered whether someone would spot my evil little trap...

Do you work for the CAA?

11th Jan 2009, 21:38
so now i'm here with a different user account

Have you checked to see if anybody is posting on your old account?

I'm sure that the Mods would be interested in the IP