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11th Jan 2009, 13:27
For all current airline pilots..
Hello there!

Since your very first moment in the cockpit, there must have been many tough times, and other great times...you have encountered both in this sort of career...and yet, you still can't get enough I bet! ;)

It would be nice to take a look at the future to see what would this career choice bring along to aspiring future pilots......

from worst :yuk: to best :ok:!

your input here is highly appreciated


11th Jan 2009, 14:28
The best was probably the travel. Being a "tourist" when you get to spend 2 or 3 days on a layover, and visit museums, temples, try local food, hire a local taxi for a part of the day, and ask driver to bring you to all these places, and take tons of pictures... Was good at being a tourist, would prepare my first visit in that city or country by study in an encyclopaedia, and learn about their history, religion, economy and government. And all that from company paid 4 or 5 star hotels, and being paid to be there.
The worst was for social life and time off. Especially not being available "next weekend" like friends... My weekends were on... tuesday and wednesdays. I never knew when to make a dentist appointment next month. And, after being married, had to explain that I could not make it for Christmas, but we would celebrate 2 days earlier, and that our wedding anniversary would be celebrated 3 days later, not to forget phone calls from overseas that cost a fortune... no internet or Skype in these days. But she loved the gold from Dubai, the emerald from Colombia, and the ruby from Thailand. To top it all, was when she could travel with me for free frequently, to Paris, or Rome, or Madrid on a pass, and melt our credit cards with her shopping.
Now retired... happy to be home and have a normal life I never had. Oh yes, I can still travel for pennies, but need to check on friends and their sofa to be available... Cannot afford hotels and restaurants.
Happy contrails

amber 1
11th Jan 2009, 18:08
Worst:- Some of the people you have to fly with.:mad:
Best:- Some of the people you have to fly with.:ok:

Fortunately the worst are few and far between.

11th Jan 2009, 19:08
I am not an airline pilot, but have known many in my circle of family and friends.

Many of their marriages succumbed to AIDS (Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome). BelArg mentioned the "tourist" aspect on those layovers. The pilot families that I knew - I can't help but feel that "tourist" aspect was carried into the homefront. When I was a kid, my best friend never could get close to her dad, nor was he ever emotionally available to her, and there was more to it than his time away from home. Ironically, her father's absence was something that she actually looked forward to. It was the only time the kids seemed to get any extra 'treats' as he was pretty tight-fisted when it came to spending his high-flutin' salary on his family when he was home. Come to think of it, I liked it too because it was "Mardi Gras" when he was away, and I was included too. My friend's mom would load us up into their big station wagon which was like a swimming pool on wheels and who knows where we'd end up? Her mother was a wonderful woman - I think she was trying to be a dad too - but some of my best memories will always be those times spent with my friend and her family when Captain Dad was away on a trip.

11th Jan 2009, 19:40
The two best things about working for an airline are:

1: The day you get your first job.
2: The day you leave your last one.

(not sure if No.1 applies to Ryanair)

11th Jan 2009, 20:13
2 best things?

1. Days off
2. See above.

11th Jan 2009, 21:48
walking like a lopsided gorilla due to excessive 'watch-age' on one wrist...

whether that's the best or worst, i'll leave up to the individual. :hmm:

11th Jan 2009, 22:15
The worst bit has to be dealing with the half-wits at airport security day after day.

11th Jan 2009, 22:59
OK Guys..Great!

Technically speaking, what about the cockpit tasks while in action? and your relationship with a flight partner either a Captain or a First Officer?

How would you relate this to worst and best?

11th Jan 2009, 23:31
walking like a lopsided gorilla due to excessive 'watch-age' on one wrist...

whether that's the best or worst, i'll leave up to the individual. http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/yeees.gif

I don't, Radar, I'm ambioptical...

I see as badly out of both eyes and and both arm's are liike Popeye's.......

>coat, get<

12th Jan 2009, 01:25
Dealing with preposterous "security" every day - rubbish.

Banter on the flightdeck and with the crew - great fun.

Wrestling the beast to a decent landing in gusty, bumpy crosswind-y weather on a cold, dark night...priceless!

Only a few hundred hours on type so I'm still new and eager - I'm sure bitter and jaded will follow ;)



Howard Hughes
12th Jan 2009, 01:30
The Best: You get to post in R&N!
The Worst: The other posters in R&N tell you shouldn't be posting in there and to go back to flight sim!;)

12th Jan 2009, 01:32
Only a few hundred hours on type so I'm still new and eager - I'm sure bitter and jaded will follow

It will come grasshopper...:hmm:

Howard Hughes
12th Jan 2009, 01:33
It's good to see he aspires to bigger things!:ok:

Greek God
12th Jan 2009, 11:39
Worst - 0330am - The Beep Beeep Beeeep of the alarm.
Best - 0600am T-Off into solid overcast 0200ft and bursting out of it into the morning sunrise.
35yrs on & I still get a kick out of it

Enjoy the plusses still outweigh the cons

casio man
12th Jan 2009, 12:49
The best:

The time off with family (I get around 15-17 days at home, rest days, standbys, night turnarounds etc)

Days off on weekdays. The roads are free, the parks are empty, the malls are relaxed. Sending the kids to school and going for breakfast with the Mrs.

Cheap travel, been around to a heck of a lot of countries and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the people, culture and food!

A comfortable life, would not make it to the top ten list of anything worthwhile, but can afford to have good meals now and than, and shop without breaking the bank (well not too much anyway!)

Each sector is a closed loop, most of the time. Once the engines are shut, and checklist done, you go away to the hotel or back home without carrying a briefcase with work to do.

The amazing people that you fly with, and even the 'crazy' ones can be fodder for the gossip sessions with friends later on!

The split second after the thrust levers are at idle and the main wheels kissing the runway...when it happens just so, the feeling is magical!

The worst

Waking up 1:30 am for an 8 hour flight into the darkness.

8 hours of flight over the seas in a dark dark night with CB's all around and radar which is next to useless.

Realizing that your forgot to pack you winter clothes after arriving to place with minus _(fill in the blanks).

Actually the minuses do have a few more points to it, but the whole package of the pluses would just thrump over it anyway :}

12th Jan 2009, 16:54
The best? Loadsa money!
The worst? Early flights!