View Full Version : Is it grim 'up North? (52'N) ?

10th Jan 2009, 19:34
Living at about Latitude about 52N, things can get to be a grim this time of year. Santa's emptied his sack, the grounds getting harder, and all I can dream of is when the sea warms up in Cornwall. (In about 6 months).

Can it be this grim for this long?


Beatriz Fontana
10th Jan 2009, 19:44

Yeah, but it looks superb!

Richard Taylor
10th Jan 2009, 21:13
First a wind turbine, now UFOS nick the bottom half of those pylons. :rolleyes:

What's going on...I think we should be told. :E

tony draper
10th Jan 2009, 22:26
52'North? why that practically in the tropics,55'North,now that is grim.:rolleyes:

10th Jan 2009, 22:32
Christmas day 2008 - name that location.

Twas the wrong side of "parky" but most certainly not grim.


11th Jan 2009, 01:46
North traditionally began above Lat 52 30'. Northern FIR (Preston) above and London (West Drayton) FIR below.

11th Jan 2009, 05:41
Strelnikov Wisbech??? Do I win?

Could do with some of that scenery here at 32S where we are into our 14th consecutive day over 38C (100F). Just about everything in the garden has gone to meet its maker. However, tomorrow they tell us that relief is in sight with a top of 25C forecast.

Yours, sweatily.....

11th Jan 2009, 08:56
Sorry, have to agree with Mr. Draper here, 55 North can be grim, although I bet he's at about 54.59 and that's got to be worse.

Try Grimsby! Now that's GRIM, but at least the heat from the power stations and refineries keeps the air warmer there.

11th Jan 2009, 10:41
Pish tosh,

up here in `pure dead briliant` Scotland, we only think of putting on long troosers at about -273C........!

Hoots Mon.

13th Jan 2009, 17:13

You were quite close with Wisbech. It's Everest Base Camp (approx 17,600 feet).

Much respect to all Everest mountaineers who clamber up that glacier behind me and beyond for another 11,000 feet or so.


14th Jan 2009, 04:57
C'mon you guys. It's not that bad: Moosonee, Ontario - Forecast - Environment Canada (http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/city/pages/on-113_metric_e.html)

Desert Diner
14th Jan 2009, 06:26
In the old days, that used to be a reason to go down to the local, sit by the fireplace and b**ch about how grim it was outside.

Nowadays, you do it via internet, without having to get out.

That's progress for you.:uhoh:

14th Jan 2009, 11:24
Progress? Nah, I think not!

14th Jan 2009, 11:34
I see the sun is shining in Moosonee.....

14th Jan 2009, 13:12
"santa's emptied his sack" :D oh matron!

14th Jan 2009, 17:09
When it gets really cold the sun is usually shining except in the High Arctic:
Pond Inlet, Nunavut - Forecast - Environment Canada (http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/city/pages/nu-25_metric_e.html)

14th Jan 2009, 18:33

A friend of mine in Manitouwadge sent me this snapshot,showing the outside temp today: :ooh:


14th Jan 2009, 20:00
This from 50:13N.

FPCN14 CWXK 141624
Forecasts for eastern Québec issued by Environment Canada at
11.30 AM EST Wednesday 14 January 2009 for today and Thursday.
The next scheduled forecast will be issued at 3.45 PM.

Sept-Îles - Port-Cartier.
Blowing snow warning in effect
Wind chill warning in effect.
Today..Cloudy with sunny periods and 60 percent chance of flurries
early this afternoon. Clearing this afternoon. Blowing snow. Wind
northwest 40 km/h gusting to 70. Temperature falling to minus 20 this
afternoon. Wind chill minus 34.
Tonight..A few clouds. Blowing snow this evening. Wind northwest 40
km/h gusting to 70 becoming west 20 gusting to 40 near midnight. Low
minus 32. Wind chill minus 46.
Thursday..Sunny. Wind becoming west 20 km/h gusting to 40 in the
morning. High minus 23. Wind chill minus 43.

14th Jan 2009, 20:07
Living at about Latitude about 52N, things can get to be a grim this time of year. Santa's emptied his sack, the grounds getting harder, and all I can dream of is when the sea warms up in Cornwall. (In about 6 months).

No fog and very little frost here about a mile from airfield SOY at 59° 11’ 0” N / 2° 31’ 0” W. In fact since Christmas we've had some great weather - cold but clear and almost wind-free.

14th Jan 2009, 20:09
Lived on (precisely) 60 deg North for nearly 2 years, admitedly it was an experience that is is sometimes reviewed through rose tinted glasses and once done - never again, (conveniently forgetting a 4 day power cut over the Christmas period comes to mind), but it was good fun most of the time, in an alcoholic sort of way....:E:ok:

tony draper
14th Jan 2009, 20:28
Hmmm, here is a interesting question for you, which requires the least energy, keeping someone warm in a cold climate or keeping someone cool in a warm climate?
Hmmm,now there's a thing.:confused::rolleyes:

Desert Diner
14th Jan 2009, 20:51
I wenth through a winter in Calgary (only 51N) and I can still remember the many -40C cold still days. Mind you they were bearable.

It was when those warm Chinook winds would blow into town and raise the temperature to -20C. It was the wind chill of those "warm days" that would freeze the ghoulious off of you!:eek:

14th Jan 2009, 21:45
Weather Forecast: Resolute, Nunavut , Canada 74 30 N
Current Weather Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 15:00 CST - Resolute Airport

Partly cloudy
Feels Like: -43
Wind: N 17km/h
Relative Humidity: 68%
Pressure: 101.99 kPa
Visibility: 24.0 km
Ceiling: 17000 ft

14th Jan 2009, 21:56

'bout 1.5 miles east of egcc but they don't have any pictures like this on the travellators.....still, quite beautiful in a grim sort of way:)

14th Jan 2009, 21:58
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Weather

Latitude 90S

Updated: January 15, 2009 - 09:50 GMT12+DST
Conditions: Light Snow
Temperature: -13°F
Wind Speed: (NNW) 12 mph

Hey not bad down south.

14th Jan 2009, 22:19

My coldest experience was when I went cross country skiing at -45. It was sunny, no wind, and not as bad as it sounds. Everything was well insulated except for my face and gloves don't work at that temperature so I had mitts with silk liners. As long as you kept going it was great. Stop for more than a couple of minutes and it got very cold.