View Full Version : New e-mail law 'is an attack on civil liberties'

10th Jan 2009, 19:12
Upcoming rules that force internet companies to hold details of every e-mail sent in Britain are a waste of money and an attack on privacy, according to a prominent security expert.
From March, all internet service providers (ISPs) will have to keep data about e-mails sent and received in the UK for a year. The content of individual e-mails will not be kept by the authorities, but the timing and number of each communication will be stored.

New e-mail law 'is an attack on civil liberties' - Times Online (http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/article5481787.ece#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=1063742)

10th Jan 2009, 19:54
It's 2009. They're 25 years late.

10th Jan 2009, 22:38
It's 2009. They're 25 years late.

Okay, er, five from nine equals four, then two from 200 equals.......

Oh, I get it.


(And I haven't had me first Scotch today. ;))

10th Jan 2009, 23:04
The number and time of each e-mail is logged, but the content is not kept? Oh, I see. Someone's a little too trusting I fear.

11th Jan 2009, 00:02
Maybe they copy it but don't keep the original. Just the copy:ugh:

11th Jan 2009, 00:06
Don't worry, they'll lose the hard drives - they always do.

11th Jan 2009, 00:31
So set up a few different web-mail accounts and make each one auto forward mail to the next....:E

11th Jan 2009, 05:22
Use as a background wall paper in your e-mail texts "New Labour stinks" in the smallest point possible or "Hail the new Conservative dawn " - It would totally overwhelm their sniffing software in minutes. - PS Encrypt your E Mails the millisecond this statute is enacted - I have nothing to hide so why collect evidence against suspects like "us" -Vox Populi - when no crime has been planned or committed - CAT III

PS you can always POST messages to your friends and contacts.

Treat an E M as you would a postcard - then everyone's happy.

11th Jan 2009, 05:54
I wonder at what point it becomes an "attack on civil liberty." I never delete any emails at all ... I file them. That's at home and the same is true at work ... I never delete anything, it's all archived and stored. That's not just the date and time either, it's the whole message. :uhoh:

Rwy in Sight
11th Jan 2009, 08:00
That's good news for courriers companies and fax producing corporation.

Rwy in Sight

11th Jan 2009, 13:35
This sort of snooping is already happening.
UK station is at Menwith Hill, Yorkshire:-

ECHELON (http://www.fas.org/irp/program/process/echelon.htm)

Impress to inflate
11th Jan 2009, 20:37
May be I should start photocopying every peice of post I get and forwarding it to Labour HQ as well !! Junk mail to