View Full Version : Kings of Leon vs. Noiseworks

Buster Hyman
10th Jan 2009, 05:53
Anyone else think KoL (http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=JCZfJ5ai07U&feature=PlayList&p=892279E3877DBD28&index=0&playnext=1) sound just like Noiseworks (http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=WFX0pgXdd7g)? (Howard will back me up here) Could it be the latest Milli Vanilli???:ooh:

As a rather large part of my youth was spent listening to the vocal talent of Jon Stevens & Noiseworks, I feel like they are being plagiarised!:=


Howard Hughes
10th Jan 2009, 06:04
Good point Buster, except KofL seemed to have taken it to the World!

Jon Stevens...:rolleyes:

Buster Hyman
10th Jan 2009, 12:27
They were big in NZ!

10th Jan 2009, 23:32
Noiseworks are a bit good arent they, and you can hear the similarities with KoL.:ok:

Arm out the window
11th Jan 2009, 02:41
They do sound a bit alike. The Kings of Leon singer's got a hell of a distinctive voice, but I'd like to put in my vote for "Stupidest lyric of the year" for their one about her sex being on fire (unless he's telling a story from real life about some kind of kinky action gone wrong, then fair enough.)

11th Jan 2009, 10:14
I can't help but think that KoL have softened their style lately to cash in on a wider charty pseudo rock/pop type audience. Can't say I blame them from a financial perspective, but the latest tracks are pretty much regular chart drivel rather than having a bit more oomph and rawness like the earlier stuff.