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9th Jan 2009, 11:58
Soft cooked, grilled mushrooms, cheddar cheese, spring onions.

9th Jan 2009, 12:06
Is this a 'what I had for lunch' thread, an omelette thread or the start of a word association game?

Sausage and chips

Leave out the spring onions for me.


There. I think I've got all options covered;)

9th Jan 2009, 12:19
Hmm.... a sausage and chip omelete

I like it.

Scumbag O'Riley
9th Jan 2009, 12:40
I make a great chip omelette by taking three quarters of a mouth full of chips, and three quarters of a mouthful of omlette, and having a good chew. And half a mouthful of some sauce, preferably mayonaise based, or even just mayonnaise.

9th Jan 2009, 12:43
Soft cooked with smoked salmon, and placed in a Toasted Hovis sarnie.

9th Jan 2009, 12:53
Breakfast yesterday: omelette with baked beans embedded (memo: need to shop for more appropriate ingredients).

Fast-track to unwelcome yesterday afternoon flatulence, unfortunately.

Sainsbury's today: need mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, prawns, etc - anything but baked beans.

9th Jan 2009, 12:57
DX, maybe you should try a prune and cabbage omelette instead?:ok:

9th Jan 2009, 13:10
For the spice lovers, there's always the Malaysian favourite.

Sambal Belachan Omelette with Ikan Bilis.

tony draper
9th Jan 2009, 13:24
When onr road double egg n chips,wi a pint pot of proper Transport Cafe tea, :ok:
Strange thing,like hot dogs,double egg an chips never taste as good when yer do em at home.

9th Jan 2009, 13:52
Working for a Fire Engineering firm, spent a lot of time travelling from NW England to NE England (and Back). All Travel directions were with reference to Butty Vans and Caffs. 'Two Eggs On', off the M62, a particular favourite. ruined me waistline, but worth every inch. TT

9th Jan 2009, 15:16
Duck eggs. Gotta be. Chuck in a few fried chanterelles, some Maldon and cracked black pepper. Luxury. :ok:

9th Jan 2009, 18:32
- spinach and feta

- brie and oven roasted grape tomatoes

- pizza omelette (fill with tomato sauce. mozarella, and your favourite pizza toppings).

9th Jan 2009, 20:28
Hang on.. HANG ON.

It's just after Christmas and New Year. Everyone has eaten a lot. Apart from me.
Recently we've had best breakfasts, best sandwiches and now best omelettes?

What next, best Diet Slim Fast?

Richard Taylor
9th Jan 2009, 21:00
Best Detox...;)

9th Jan 2009, 22:00
Sorry Foss, but...........

My favorite style of omelet is Italian, frittata.

Pre-heat your oven broiler.

In an over proof non-stick skillet pour a small amount of virgin olive oil and an equal amount of butter, real butter, not that margarine junk, over medium heat to melt the butter. After the butter has melted add some very thinly sliced onion and some thin sliced bell peppers, for fun use red and yellow along with the green peppers.

After sautéing until the onion and peppers are slightly soft add your egg mixture:

3 eggs.

tablespoon of water. (Not milk)

Dash of hot sauce.

Sea or kosher salt to taste.

Fresh ground pepper to taste.

Mix all ingredients very well together with a whisk or fork.

Cook the egg mixture over medium heat on the stove top until the bottom of the eggs start to set, then add what you prefer as toppings onto the top of the uncooked egg mixture in the skillet. Place skillet under the oven broiler on the highest shelf and cook until the egg mixtures puffs up to about two or three times the thickness it was while in the pan. Be very careful not to over cook.

Slide from the skillet onto a plate and enjoy.

Dea Certe
9th Jan 2009, 22:07
Soft-cooked omelette with Monterey Jack cheese covered with pico de gallo. A small dollop of sour cream, if desired.


9th Jan 2009, 22:12
I did write an extensive recipe there but..
Boil rice.
Fry bacon.
Make omelette with chillis, shred. Put aside.
Pour boiling water in frozen peas/sweetcorn.
Shred bacon.
Mix rice/corn/peas/bacon in wok with oil and peanut butter.
Add as many diced chillis as you like.
Add smoked ham, duck or chicken, shredded.
Brilliant. ;)

9th Jan 2009, 22:12
Chicken and sweetcorn, topped with cheese, finish under the grill.:ok:

Spinach one sounds good. Do you cook it first?

10th Jan 2009, 00:10
I like mine a bit spicy: some finely chopped shallot, garlic and chili fried off before adding the egg mixture - three eggs, pinch of turmeric powder dissolved in a dash of milk before adding, sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

Once the omelette has started to set, add a julienne of turmeric leaves. They grow well here but hard luck on those in the frozen wastes of Europe...

Flip and serve.

Foxy Loxy
10th Jan 2009, 00:17
con-pilot - I think you may have saved my bacon..... I have no problems with the initial stages of omlette creation, just could never get it cooked on top without scrambling the whole lot... Ta! :ok:

10th Jan 2009, 00:25
For my recipe, I separate the whites from the yolks (discard any 'contaminated' whites if yolks break) and beat until stiff. Break the yolks and mix, add seasoning (particularly ground black pepper) and fold gently into the whites and immediately pour into a pre-heated heavy-based all-metal frying pan containing melted butter over a medium heat. Using a table-knife dipped in cold water separate the mixture from the edges of the pan until the 'crust' is golden (not brown) - sprinkle with any chopped cooked-ham or bacon and/or grated cheese - then transfer the pan to a pre-heated oven with grill to cook the top. If successful the result will be a sort of soufflé.
Don't do it first-time for visitors as you may need to experiment with timing and temperatures.

Peter Fanelli
10th Jan 2009, 01:16
Cheese and vegemite omelette!

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