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9th Jan 2009, 06:37
Inherited from my father a CE (Chinese made) electronic security safe that my sister used to stop him gobbling his pain meds.
I recall that the combo used to be something like 169B (but obviously isn't). It also gives you a very few goes at the LCD buttons before locking you out and not accepting any opening de-code attempts for quite a while.

It appears to be similarly endowed to http://www.made-in-china.com/image/2f0j00mMvTLVilaEhaM/Family-Built-Into-The-Wall-Safes-FD250B-15-.jpg at this link (http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/208037151/Electronic_Safes_with_LCD_automatically_open.html).
Some such safes advertise as having a manual unlock code facility. Obviously that would be individual (and I don't have that either).
I've been trying to access it for two years to:
........a. See what's inside (it rattles invitingly) and
........b. to get some use out of it (even though they're only worth about $40 each).
Anybody have similar experiences with these devilish items and perhaps a solution? I imagine that in the not too far distant future, when the battery dies, so will any hope of access.

9th Jan 2009, 08:58
All of these come with a small manual key - a bit like a hexagonal biscuit cutter on a small scale - that allows manual opening. Can yu find the original? if not a locksmith might be able to open for you.

9th Jan 2009, 09:05
Replacement keys for these things are readily available, like this one:


9th Jan 2009, 11:38
do you have amake/model? all of these types of safe have a default factory override code, usually 5 digit as opposed to the user set 4 digit. If you can identify the make/model it may be possible to acquire the code.

9th Jan 2009, 15:51
On the Draper Digital safe I use, the manufacturer's name panel pops off with gentle use of a small screwdriver. Beside the keyhole (and yes, fortunately I haven't lost the key yet) there is a code which corresponds to that on the key.

Maybe a similar arrangement on yours... if you can trace the mfg ;).

Loose rivets
9th Jan 2009, 17:33
Read "Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman." He has is cracked.:}

10th Jan 2009, 06:36
I had a similar safe, batteries went flat n couldnt find the keys. Of course bolted to wall, fortunately had free space around it.

Angle grinder with thin cutting lade opened it very quickly, tho with a great spark show.:E:E:E:E

10th Jan 2009, 09:27
Unfortunately, apart from CE and made in China plus "Electronic Digital safe" (and looking very much like the image above - but not identical), there's no other identifying model numbers or marks.
I'll ask a locksmith about the key number - but no doubt it' halfway to the trash can (based upon the likely cost of even just "advice").

Anything but "safe". An old fashioned key-locker with numerous secreted keys would be a better solution.

In fact it looks like http://www.mahmayi.com/db/l_1%209064.jpg

In fact from the dimensions at this link (http://www.mahmayi.com/showProducts.asp?cid=22RMQD18P5), it's obviously Model: MOF SFT-20EA DIGITAL SAFE (200x310x200)

10th Jan 2009, 12:03
"Her indoors" suggested "try his sister's birthday" - (apologies for stating the obvious)

10th Jan 2009, 14:33
I think parpapunter has the right idea about some banging being required but maybe you need to be a bit more creative about with what....

Safe image by aztecp77 on Photobucket (http://media.photobucket.com/image/safe/aztecp77/safe.gif?o=5)

11th Jan 2009, 08:23
Found the code - but the internal 9V battery's now too weak to unlatch it.


gas path
11th Jan 2009, 11:49
Try a slight bit of pressure on the door when you punch in the code as the lock pin(s) may be dragging on the lock recess.

11th Jan 2009, 12:29
#2 son produced a pair of 9inch long stiff thin flat metal rods this evening and hey presto'd the key-lock within 90 seconds (just like on TV). Now have 4 new AA size batteries in there and it's working like a dream.
Doesn't give you much confidence in the technology though.

I'm now wondering what #2 son does for his second job. Can't recall whether he said he was a steeplejack or whether I just assumed that when he said he was a "second storey" man.

Anyway the safest outcome has been achieved and the contents proved to be quite interesting.


11th Jan 2009, 12:42
and the contents proved to be quite interesting.C'mon - tell us what was inside !

11th Jan 2009, 13:30
Interesting icon there, Shadow.

Safe sex?

12th Jan 2009, 09:07
I wanna know wots in there as well.

Still reckon the angle grinder woulda been more fun:ugh::ugh::ugh:

Loose rivets
12th Jan 2009, 10:41
It wasn't an entirely flip comment about Richard Feynman. (The Other Genius) When the incorrigible Feynman got to Los Alamos for the Manhatten project I suppose it was, he spent more time than was proper opening his colleagues filing cabinets. Military secret ones they were. Didn't have to, just wanted to see if he could. When his boss said he couldn't open the big one in his office, Young Richard set about trying to crack it...but couldn't. When the man from Acme Safes (or whatever) turned up, he opened it in a trice.

"People hardly ever change the default setting." Says he.

Our man also used to enter the secure...top secret even, site, and go out again over a broken fence, only to go in the gate again. After three or so goes the gate guard got miffed.

I would love to have met him. The book's a very funny read for the average tekkie

13th Jan 2009, 12:15
For those who can't stand being tortured by not knowing.

Evidently my suspicions about my sister being a pothead were spot on. She kept her stash in his "meds" safe. It was only after my Dad died that I also found out that she'd talked him into changing his Living Will (Power of Attorney) over from me to her (in my absence in the M.E.) and then using that power, had him certified as incompetent and then "legally" rewrote his will, excluding me (i.e. disinherited). Father never smoked in his life BTW.

But when he was gone and it was time to clean out his donga, guess who wore that task.

Never trust a pothead, especially one related to you. Her stash was promptly flushed. I'm guessing that she found that she'd lost the keys after allowing the batteries to go flat. Must have been quite a low point for her.

15th Jan 2009, 20:46
So - there was a bit of cannabis.
Anything else 'interesting' ??

17th Jan 2009, 01:25
Father's actual last will and testament disinheriting her because she'd been finagling his bank account ("whilst doing his banking for him").

Maybe there's some justice in the next world.......

No wonder I'm a misogynist.

17th Jan 2009, 03:28

Someone who looks after mice?

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