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8th Jan 2009, 08:36
Dog who bit boy in self-defence escapes destruction - National - NZ Herald News (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10551028)

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Dog who bit boy in self-defence escapes destruction
5:42PM Thursday Jan 08, 2009

A large dog which bit a three-year-old boy has escaped the death penalty because animal control staff say the child provoked the animal by pulling on its testicles.

The boy's mother called for the dog to be put down after it attacked him, leaving him with facial injuries, outside a Hamilton house on December 29.

But Hamilton City Council has stood by the decision of its animal control staff, who say the neapolitan mastiff-cross dog was provoked.

The dog's owner had offered up the dog for destruction but two independent witnesses reported seeing the boy deliberately leave the house and harming the dog by squeezing its testicles.

Animal control staff believed the dog had acted in its own defence, and after assessing its behaviour and "completely clean record" they decided it did not need to be put down.

The investigation also revealed the child had been involved in two previous incidents of alleged animal cruelty.

The boy spent three nights at Waikato Hospital with cuts round his eye and lacerations inside his mouth where his cheek had been separated from his jaw.

"There was damage to the nerves in his cheek which has caused his lip to droop, and he'll need surgery at a later date to rectify that," his mother said.


8th Jan 2009, 08:40
The dog should definitely not suffer for bad parenting! :yuk:

8th Jan 2009, 09:29
Smll children & dogs are not a good mix.

Conan The Barber
8th Jan 2009, 09:56
Typical right wing NZ tree-chopping propaganda.

8th Jan 2009, 10:34
Damn right. You got a problem with that, you Goddamn leftie tree-hugging pinko?

Conan The Barber
8th Jan 2009, 10:40
I sure do. If that tree-chopping propaganda machine was placed on a tread-mill, what way would the testicles move?

8th Jan 2009, 10:47
Now that really IS the dog's bollocks!


8th Jan 2009, 10:54
what way would the testicles move?

...whichever way the little boy pulled them - until he got chomped by the big FO dog.

8th Jan 2009, 11:51
the boy deliberately leave the house

the child had been involved in two previous incidents of alleged animal cruelty.
At THREE years old FFS??? I think there's a good argument for having the NZ Social Services round; the child obviously isn't supervised. The mother should be grateful that the little brat hasn't been taken off her and out into foster care.



8th Jan 2009, 12:10
Some common sense shown. I saw an similar incident once. A man with a dog on a lead was chatting to a small child's parent. Engrossed in their conversation the child was left to it's own devices. He started poking and pulling at the dog. The dog ignored him first, not least because it was interested in another dog nearby. Eventually it snapped but it didn't bite the child instead he slapped him with his head in one quick movement and then carried on watching the other dog. I was stunned so was the child and after a pause started crying. 'Daddy the dog slapped me'. The Father said something like, 'Don't be silly'.

After that the little brat kept his distance. It was hilarious.

8th Jan 2009, 17:26
the neapolitan mastiff-cross dog was provoked.

I think I'd be bloody cross as well!

8th Jan 2009, 19:00

not always true about dogs and small kids. There was that case last year in Oz where a German shepherd, got from the pound four days earlier, grabbed the baby by its diaper and flung the kid over the dog's shoulder, and then went on to defend the kid from the tiger snake that was about to strike. Dog got bitten but fortunately was given the anti-venom in time.

But in this case, the little b%^&*d deserved all he got. Might be a good idea to remove his testicles to stop him from breeding....

8th Jan 2009, 19:21
The investigation also revealed the child had been involved in two previous incidents of alleged animal cruelty.
It has been claimed that youngsters that harm animals often go on to be aggressive and violent to humans . . .

8th Jan 2009, 20:07
I find most doggies to have infinite patience with small kids, but it's the small kids you can't trust. My littleun loves being round her grannys with the alsation. I've learned not to chew my nails as I've realised how much the dog gets on with her. However, I do have to pull her off the poor thing's tail on occcasion.:eek:

Loose rivets
8th Jan 2009, 22:26
Animals. Pah!:*

Seem to spend half me waking days taking care of other people's pets. Don't know why I do it, cos when I was a nipper (Mmm, pun there somewhere) I was nipped by a horse at a circus. In fact, it picked me up by the skin on me back and shook me. Must have known I was young, it didn't even break the skin.

Then there was the circus monkey...little sod. He got hold of my hair and pulled...and pulled...and pulled. Still, I suppose if I was working in a circus, I be pi$$y all day long.

9th Jan 2009, 02:13


9th Jan 2009, 06:10
He was probably feeling if it was fat enough for the hangi .:rolleyes:

9th Jan 2009, 13:57
The dog apears to have responded with force well out of proportion to the attack suffered. If someone walked up to you in the street and kicked you in the balls and you shot her in the back a few times in return, you'd be up for murder.

Give the kid 250 hrs of community service.

The dog should swing.

9th Jan 2009, 14:09
...kicked you in the balls and you shot her... her?! Both the dog and the 3 year old child involved here were male. :confused: Scrubbed's post comes as a welcome reminder that some of us may also have wider issues concerning balls and females...?! :} Did that go beyond the line...? :uhoh:

9th Jan 2009, 15:00
Well, Airshiy, the ball-pulling kid may have been a boy but in my example the perp was a girl. Can you follow that?

Whilst you didn't like the example, Airshiy, I am glad to see you didn't disagree with the message.

Fry the dog.

9th Jan 2009, 15:10
Where are we , Korea?

9th Jan 2009, 17:50
Fry is not much better than this official word of "destruction".
Like if it's a furniture or some sort!

Euthanasia doesn't apply to dogs, too fancy I guess.