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7th Jan 2009, 01:05
German speakers, help please. How do you say "shorty" in German?

7th Jan 2009, 02:03
Kurt? :E :ok:

7th Jan 2009, 03:32
In what respect is said person shorty?

Is it in an ironic sense Ie they are v tall or are they defficient somewhere?

7th Jan 2009, 03:39
Sagen sie "Kurzenfella" auf Deutsch, Ja?

7th Jan 2009, 07:16
No, if you are greeting a short person you'd say "Hi, Kleiners !"

Klein = small, making an artificial word such as Kleiners defuses the nastiness. Note capital "K" as it's a noun.

If you know them really well you might say "Hi, du Kleiners Arsche, du." But to a stranger this would be an invite to get punched in the face.

viktor inox
7th Jan 2009, 07:38
Addressing a small guy: Hallo, Kleiner
Addressing a small women: Hallo, Kleine

Addressing a small kid (boy): Hallo, Du Dreikäsehoch

Addressing someone with the use of "Arsch" (= bum):
Hallo, Du kleiner Arsch

7th Jan 2009, 13:18
Long ago our German class teacher said "accelerator" in German was "der Geschwindigkeitsumschaltungshebel", and we believed him, because he was our teacher and some words did seem to be rather lengthy but "logical" combinations.

Years later, we had some exchange German students staying with us, and with my three children present, daddy decided to trot out this humungous word as an example of logic gone mad. The lean and lanky blonde maiden
among them smiled at my inanity, saying "Ach nein, wir sagen das Gaspedal!" My kids never let me forget it.

7th Jan 2009, 13:22
YouTube - German Coast Guard - Lost in Translation (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD4roXEY8hk)

7th Jan 2009, 15:10
You've got to be suspicious of any language where some of the words are longer than the sentences they appear in.

7th Jan 2009, 15:41
What's there to be suspicious about? Sounds like a little phobia to me ...

Lon More
7th Jan 2009, 15:47
603DX I remember something similar with "the ladies' glove and hosiery department" or "computer"

Proper German and colloquial. Same thing in French, la fin de semaine or, despite the government, le weekend.

7th Jan 2009, 16:00
Lon ---

That's "Damenwäscheabteilung" and "Rechner". Even less syllables than com-pu-ter.

Lon More
7th Jan 2009, 16:06
Maybe a teacher's joke then. So long ago i can't remember

Hagbard the Amateur
7th Jan 2009, 17:28
If you want to go for the basic, use "Ein Zwerg" - meaning a little person or the d word.

7th Jan 2009, 19:01
Das TeiniKleini:E

7th Jan 2009, 22:12

I tried that, and he said "What do you mean, my hovercraft is full of eels?"


8th Jan 2009, 10:50
My favourite German word is Die Strassenbahnhaltestelle (Tram stop).

KfW are a regular player in the forex and bond markets. KfW = Kreditanstalt fuer Wideraufbau IIRC.

Flap 5
8th Jan 2009, 11:03
Here's some german speakers:

German Physiks - High End Technology Loudspeaker Manufactur - DDD Driver - THE GAUDI MK II (http://www.german-physiks.com/german-physiks-speaker-line/the-gaudi-mk-ii.html)

Not sure how they could help though. :}

8th Jan 2009, 13:28
Du kleiner Arschloch might work...or maybe not:}

If it's a small child, then 'Du Kleine' would be ok, but if it's someone of small stature, try the above, or 'Hallo Zwergi' might work......but don't quote me when you get a kick in the nuts:=:}

Beatriz Fontana
8th Jan 2009, 13:58
A German in an international meeting was going on and on, and on... So a member of the UK crowd turned to the translator and asked what on earth he was saying. The translator replied: "sorry, I don't know yet, I'm still waiting for him to get to the verb." :}

8th Jan 2009, 14:09
To keep it simple and depending what region you are in at the time (eg.NRW) "kurze" would suffice. "Zwerg" fits to but a little harsh unless they are one! "Halbe hoehe" is another one but this also means something else a little naughtier. One that's always fun is translate literally from English "Kurzarsch" (short arse)...you just get looks but priceless. :E.
Just asl Flying Bull.....he is one!!! ;)

8th Jan 2009, 14:13
Reminds me of that Gem spoken to some RAF pilots by Luftwaffe Pilots (Can't recall the exact words):

You British think you know f*ck everything.... we Germans however know f*ck all.

Sometimes the Germans can be rather to clever for their own good.

8th Jan 2009, 14:20
The Germans might know not a lot, but, as far as I can recall,
they used to go home on Friday afternoon whilst our lot stayed
hanging around to face Ivan's hordes until late Monday morning! :sad:

8th Jan 2009, 14:33
In one of the many WWII POW books published when I was a nipper was the direct translation of 'fair enough' - 'blondgenug'.

I like trying it on friends here who speak good English. Not one of them has worked out what it means without being told.