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6th Jan 2009, 20:14
There's an old woman, pensioner, who has only her pension to live on. No other source of income. Turned down an upstairs flat from Devon council as she says she couldn't manage it. She has ME. 5 dogs. She's sleeping in a bloody car on Dartmoor last night and tonight as Devon council won't give her anywhere to live. Now don't call me a racist but maybe if she was a foreigner, in this country, she'd get somewhere to live quite quickly. i think it's totally disgusting that in this day and age an old woman is sleeping in her clothes, surrounded by 5 dogs, in 2 sleeping bags, in a car, on Dartmoor! What has Great Britain become?
But hey, we can still send millions to Isreal/Gaza to help them fight each other. We can put foreign families up in luxury houses in London at 24,000 rents.

Very sad.

6th Jan 2009, 20:34
There was a large story of a similar situation about some folks in California. Because of the economy, people are losing their jobs, their homes, no where to go, sleeping in their cars with their pets. There's a business that has a security gate that has been allowing people to park in their lot during the night, as a safe place to sleep without harm from crazies. As long as there's no trouble and folks keep the area clean, they are allowed to arrive after 5:00 pm. Gate closes around 9:00. Opens around 6:00 am and folks must be vacating before 8:00 am. A simple gesture from this business owner and these folks are grateful to him.

The whole scenario, pensioners and folks of any age, is sad. The solutions don't come easy.

6th Jan 2009, 20:42
hellimut, I quite agree it is unacceptable, however I got the impression there was more to the story than was apparent. It seemed to me that several offers of housing had been made subject to the woman not taking 5 dogs with her. On refusing to not take the dogs the council seemed to apply the rules to the letter of the law. We did only get one side of the story.

That said, like you I have every sympathy for the woman and agree it is a shocking story, however I got the impression she was in need of medical help as much as anything.

Hopefully the BBC were able to help.

22 Degree Halo
6th Jan 2009, 20:57
What has Great Britain become?

Not Great..

6th Jan 2009, 21:51
"subject to the woman not taking 5 dogs with her."

At least it wasn't 5 children.

6th Jan 2009, 23:09
Very emotive arguments.....but I guess there are two sides to the story.

7th Jan 2009, 00:10
Anyone who has pets - and from this tale they may be all that she has - including no marbles - would understand that you do not throw away your friends lightly - or at all four legged or not.

They may well be the only company she possesses.

Load Toad
7th Jan 2009, 01:53
She has ME. She can look after 5 dogs but she can't get up stairs and she has a car & she gets to Dartmoor.

Now don't call me a racist but something isn't quite adding up.

7th Jan 2009, 10:46
I agree something did not add up, it was clearly not as simple as the story told, but that is not a reason to conclude the woman should be left to it.

If the woman is not thinking too clearly then it is a bigger issue, if indeed she has been shunned.

7th Jan 2009, 10:51
Didn't they have any vacancies INSIDE Dartmoor?

Probably get tea and toast in the morning!

7th Jan 2009, 11:29
Having to abandon one's companions in return for social accommodation is often a Catch 22 situation. There have been examples where couples have been separated when going into care instead of being housed together.
In this case her companions are not human, but no less dear to her. They are all that she has.

7th Jan 2009, 12:46
G-CPTN, totally agree. Her dogs are obviously her close family. Doesn't matter if they were dogs, cats, or a tank of goldfish; the lady is obviously going through a very tough time and she should be given every opportunity for a suitable roof over her head.

Perhaps some of the doubters and knockers here could be more constructive by volunteering to take on one of her family members on her behalf, rather than have them go into a rescue centre. Or any of the thousands of dumped animals thus incarcerated due to the very difficult times many folk find themselves in. :rolleyes:

cockney steve
8th Jan 2009, 13:06
It also says something about the lawless,feral society that is growing older(hesitate to say"growing up") that her car was attacked and vandalised,rear screen smashed. -This in a far-flung part of the mainland, far away from "the Smoke"

I agree there was a lot left unsaid and the local Social Services Jobsworths should hang their heads in shame..they may well have ticked the right boxes and filed neat paperwork, but they totally failed an obviously needy and vulnerable client. These tossers need to get back to basics....they are SUPPOSED to operate as the social safety-net for the disadvantaged members of our society who fall through the holes in the welfare system.

Acting as devil's advocate.......she was obviously smart enough to use the power of a live broadcast on a national radio show, to draw attention to her plight!.

8th Jan 2009, 13:20
Gordon Brown said recently "This year I am going to do all I can to help the British People" (or words to that effect).

First thing that came into my mind is "British People?" - this government has let 2 million Poles in (estimated) - thousands of Kurds, Arabs and free-for-all. What the heck is he talking about British? We lost any sense of cohesion years ago. Half of all Jobs since the late 90's have gone to foreigners!

In my City it genuinely is hard to find a native English speaker.

Of course as soon as I mention this I am labeled a "racist". Proud to be British? You better keep it quiet.

Country has gone to the dogs. Face it.

8th Jan 2009, 14:44
Quite agree flash8.

Thing is, openly admit to being racist - why not?

I am in several respects and I'm not in the least bit apologetic, never mind ashamed. I think it's something to be proud of.

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8th Jan 2009, 15:20
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