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6th Jan 2009, 13:25
Just six months after they speared a swan to death with a fence railing, youths have now shot dead its mate and cygnet. We loved feeding these beautiful birds at the bottom of our garden, along with the ducks, coots and moorhens. Some of these have been brutally killed in some particularly vile ways. What posesses people to do this sort of thing? My kids are so upset in not having this 'family' at the bottom of the garden that they have both grown up with. words fail me.

6th Jan 2009, 13:40

I would have left out any words at all but the forum insists

6th Jan 2009, 14:13
I wish I could give you a reason. The only thing I can come up with is that some of these feral kids that plague the streets of this nation are just evil bastards. Full stop!

6th Jan 2009, 14:23
Rehearsing for that job on the turkey farm? Christmas is over, so it's a bit late for that. :ugh:

6th Jan 2009, 14:27
My friend at school, eons ago, used to keep rabbits.
They kept "escaping".
One day he came home early from school and caught
his Dad cutting one up for the pot. :eek:
Feral dad I think.

6th Jan 2009, 14:52
Isn't it a crime against the state to kill or maim swans? summat about every swan in the land belonging to HM? :confused:

Standard Noise
6th Jan 2009, 14:53
Makes me a bit suspicious when we walk the dog past the Bishop's Palace in town and there are foreign sounding Johnnys standing around eyeing up the swans and their 7 cygnets.

People who mistreat or kill animals for fun ought to be strung up.

6th Jan 2009, 14:56
Why? Simple because they can without the fear of significant punishment if caught!

We are well on the way, as a society, with what I call Negative Natural Selection.

Actually it's easy to stop, if the Will is there (which it is not), through severe punishment, but preferably through education.

6th Jan 2009, 15:53
The only thing I can come up with is that some of these feral kids that plague the streets of this nation are just evil bastards. Full stop!

Exactly and the wee shits get away with everything too :ugh:

Was watching the news there, somebody dumped a lorry load of dead chicken carcis's into a river somewere in N.I., absoloutley disgusting the way people disrespect the ground we live on:=

6th Jan 2009, 19:53
I can only empathise boristhemini.

Perhaps your neighbours could help, establish some CCTV coverage so that there was some filmed evidence of future culprits and/or early warning?

Sadly, one cannot take the law into one's own hands anymore. But I've most recently considered a portable hydraulic contraption with a set of real leopard jaws with teeth on the end. The whole thing would weigh less than 10kg, all you'd have to do is shove it into someone's neck and release the trigger. With any luck, one of the teeth would pierce the jugular. You'd then make yourself scarce whilst police warned residents to stay inside as there may be a very viscious panther in the area that had alredy claimed a victim...?!

Failing that, how about an air-operated 'BB' gun of some sort? It could fire deep-frozen pellets comprising blood plasma supplied before they started checking for HIV in donated blood. Or perhaps one could enlist the support of a swan-friendly HIV positive person? Aimed at the face or other exposed body part, a slight graze should be sufficient. The symptoms would only appear much later on...

Or you could do what I will soon be doing (I think): regularly but especially anytime the situation warrants, draw your big kukri from its scabbard and run crazily down the waterfront screaming "Ayo Gorkhali!" I'm told that would be enough to scare most Argies away for good. Should work for your average UK scum too.


6th Jan 2009, 23:02
wow serious youth hate ITT

Jimmy Macintosh
6th Jan 2009, 23:02
Radar is right about all swans belonging to HM. Apparently she is the only person allowed to eat them.*

But from the RSPB's website:

As native wild birds, swans enjoy statutory protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is an offence to intentionally injure, take or kill a wild swan.
The Act similarly protects the eggs and nests of swans. It is an offence to take or possess the egg of a wild mute swan, or to damage or destroy the nest of a mute swan whilst in use or being built. Unfortunately, swans and their nests are sometimes a target for vandals.
Anyone seeing an offence against swans or other wildlife is encouraged to contact their police Wildlife Liaison Officer through their local police station.

Call the police wildlife liaison officer.

*I stand corrected, it seems St Johns College (and a couple of others) and Vintners' and Dyers' Livery companies have been given permission to eat/own swan by Royal Chartership.

Foxy Loxy
6th Jan 2009, 23:09
Radar is right about all swans belonging to HM. Apparently she is the only person allowed to eat them.

Not quite.... I am reliably informed* that students and/or graduates of St Johns College Cambridge are also allowed to eat swans.

*Send Clowns told me. He's a graduate from St Johns at Cambridge, and my other half for over 2 and a half years :)

7th Jan 2009, 03:04
I can confirm Foxy's story. :ok:
Cygnet St John served at May Balls and College Feasts . . .