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5th Jan 2009, 21:45
.....as in DIVORCE?
New Year = New Life?

Over 50% of divorces are instigated in the month of January, with the first Monday after New Year being the biggest booking day of new clients for matrimonial lawyers. I can attest to this - having worked in the legal system.

"It's believed the stresses of Christmas, the wind-down of work and the desire for a fresh start and a spring clean of useless things just lying around the house (i.e .partners) are the reasons for this upsurge. Typically, couples with children wait until after the festive season so they can give them one last, happy memory of a perfect-ish Christmas.

Divorce lawyer James Stewart, of firm Manches LLP, says Christmas, with the stresses of financial strains and family proximity, can highlight the flaws in a relationship: 'Extra time together can force problems that already exist in the relationship to come to a head. We're expecting January to be our busiest time.'" - Metro.UK

I suspect the fragility of the world economy will make this a bigger year than usual in the divorce biz....or will it? Divorce can suck the life blood out of anyone, financially and emotionally. If one has lost their job or is already struggling financially, divorce may seem like a "luxury" they can ill afford right now.

According to the same article, divorce is also not good for the planet. "Divorce has environmental ramifications, as couples take residence in separate properties and consume more energy as a result.
A survey by the National Academy of Sciences last month found that in America alone, divorced households used an extra 73billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2005 (a fifth of Britain's total use), and electricity use across all broken homes was 53 per cent higher than in non-divorced ones."

So, in the interest of curbing global warming, we should continue to get cozy with someone we can't stand??

That leaves me a little cold.

5th Jan 2009, 22:39
Save the cost of a divorce. Don't get married, just find somebody you can't stand and buy them a house:E

(Just a blokes POV of course V2;))

6th Jan 2009, 17:46
A tad jaded, McCoo?

BTW, where is the "Welsh riviera?"

Der absolute Hammer
6th Jan 2009, 18:21
Patrick Mc Goohan used to sunbathe here.....


6th Jan 2009, 18:35
Der absolute hammer...Pardon me....I don't get off the farm much, but that is the Welsh Riviera???? It looks semi-tropical....and what gorgeous architecture.

I tend to associate Wales with Dylan Thomas, a place where "the children walk to school on frozen toes."

6th Jan 2009, 18:46
you need to watch more TV then (old 60s surreal spy dramas should do as a as a starting point)

6th Jan 2009, 20:01
I've been there several times - lovely place but couldn't afford the hotel so slept in my camper van in the car park.

6th Jan 2009, 20:14
It's a lovely little place but don't let the picture or the 'riviera' tag fool you. There are many warmer and drier areas in the UK.

Edit: Corrected speling of 'dryer' before the S.P. spotted it.

6th Jan 2009, 21:53
"Corrected speling"

And added another.

7th Jan 2009, 10:16
I will have to make my jokes a little more obvious.