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2nd Jan 2009, 20:01
Haven't seen this elsewhere, so apologies to anyone who is already well aware;

My son upgraded his mobile a few weeks ago. A couple of days after the delivery of the new phone, he gets a call from 'Customer Service' asking him is he happy with the phone, and then going on to ask a number of questions about his account, "just to check our records"

He smelled a rat and cut off the call. However, the number was not witheld and he was able to call them back. He asked for the manager and was given a load of waffle. They didn't contact him again.

Then, just before Christmas, I upgraded my mobile. Exactly the same thing happens. I get a call from 'Neeva' who asks am I happy with my mobile. "Very" says I.

"Can we just check your details?" asks Neeva. "We have Card number ****, can you confirm the rest?"

"No, because if you have my account there you will have those details already."

"Well, can we just check the rest of the number?"

"Well, if you are really from Vodafone then you'll have that information, won't you?"


"Merry Christmas"

So beware, folks, there are moles about. My son and I are on different networks, but the scam is the same.

3rd Jan 2009, 00:45
Sounds like you've been bin-raked and they've found receipts for 2 new mobile phones.

Most tills will blank out the card number and only display:
"Card No: **** **** **** 1234"

Is this what they were asking for?

They already know what model phone you have and which network from the receipt, they are only after the rest of your card number (and will probably ask for the 3 digit security number as well "just to confirm who you are")

I'd report it to the police (especially as your son has their phone number). You never know, there may even be a mole in the phone shop working with them.

3rd Jan 2009, 20:07
No, not bin-raked, we both ordered by phone, but it seems that someone within the mobile companies is stealing data. We think that people get a job somewhere within the organisation, and pass on details of phone numbers to the scammers. They have some of your info, but not all of it. It only takes one person out of a hundred to give their details for the scam to be worthwhile. I shred all of my receipts anyway, and my credit card company doesn't do paper statements.

It's really just a heads up to anyone who has recently upgraded to be careful. By the time an investigation has started these scumbags are usually long gone.