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2nd Jan 2009, 13:04
Hi all,
I am flying with Delta soon from LGW-ATL (down the back:()

Anybody got any comments on what they are like for seat pitch/comfort, and what the IFE is like?

Dont care much about food, crew etc - just like to be comfy with something to stop me getting bored.

Thanks in advance

2nd Jan 2009, 17:09
Most of their a/c are long in the tooth, with old style video hanging off the cabin ceiling, or maybe the dropdown type. All they ever show are chick-flicks. Take your own IFE.
A few are newer, with seatback video, and actual choice.
Seats are as cramped as everyone else. Try and score an exit row.

FA's are usually pensioners.

Check 6
2nd Jan 2009, 18:17
DAL is my airline of choice from LGW-ATL-LGW. I stopped flying AAL because of their poor service.

Check out this web site (http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Delta_Airlines/information.php)to enable you to make an informed choice on where to sit. Click on the specific airframe that you will be flying in along the left side.

Buon viaggio!

Rwy in Sight
2nd Jan 2009, 18:23
If I am not mistaken there are no free drinks on board. This might be important.

2nd Jan 2009, 18:28
Depends on the a/c.

Had a pleasant experience in December, flying Delta to ATL, then on to CLT. C/C weren't the usual surly dispositions and the f/c actually came to the coach exit with pleasantries when disembarking.

Both legs had IFE on back of head rests. Head phones were $2, movies $6 and TV series like Sex and the City or Entourage, etc, were $2. Cable shows available via satellite TV were free, but flying over the Rockies interfered with reception on certain channels. Movies choices covered age ranges I thought and the seats were consistent with coach. (I am tall and have long legs, so I'm usually fidgeting anyway.)

All in all, Delta seemed to remember what service is all about and it was a welcome change, compared to United, US Airways and American . (Alaska Air does a great job too)

Safe travels and happy flying!

2nd Jan 2009, 19:01
I am tall and have long legs, so I'm usually fidgeting anyway.

I believe we deserve proof of all of the above, madam...*

*Hey, someone had a thread about risque banter, so I'm just trying to be neighborly...

2nd Jan 2009, 19:35
Delta seemed to remember what service is all about

Did you have to "tip" them?

If not, why not? Everyone else in the entire US service industry has their hand out just for doing their jobs... :rolleyes:

2nd Jan 2009, 19:53
Scrubbed... I agree about the US habit of tipping. It's nonsense to tip people for doing the job they're hired to do, unless their salary is set up to be tip based.

But, no...Delta does not have a tip jar set up at the exit way. ;)

2nd Jan 2009, 19:55
Brick, honey....I'd post a pic, but I feel that would be a bit much. And how would it really prove my height? ;) :p