View Full Version : Is This safe To eat

1st Jan 2009, 14:15
I bought this odd pair at a local market. Is it safe to eat?


Beatriz Fontana
1st Jan 2009, 14:18
I'd take the stick out of it first. You wouldn't want that stuck between your teeth.

1st Jan 2009, 14:31
Did you mean "pear" or did you say "pair" as there is two of them?

1st Jan 2009, 14:36
I reckon you ought to taste it by licking it first before attempting to swallow anything...

cockney steve
1st Jan 2009, 14:50
looks familiar, brown, dry, wrinkled.....just suck the juice out,-it'll be OK, honest!

1st Jan 2009, 14:51
Try pouring Viagra sauce over it:E

Low Flier
1st Jan 2009, 15:12
You'll have to le it mature until you can take the stabiliser wheels off before you can legally ride it.

1st Jan 2009, 16:19
Is it safe to eat?

Eat it and find out. You might even like it...:E

1st Jan 2009, 16:26
Willy succeed or not?

Lon More
1st Jan 2009, 16:38
Just don't gobble it down and have a napkin handy in case you dribble,