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1st Jan 2009, 05:22
From "The Australian" 31 Dec 08 - truly :}


1st Jan 2009, 05:38
Dumping Investgation

the mind boggles does'nt it:D

1st Jan 2009, 10:37
I bet the Customs Department is flushed with success!

1st Jan 2009, 10:40
This could drive someone round the bend.

1st Jan 2009, 10:44
Having completed their investigation, the Australian Customs Service obviously did have something to go on!



Richard Taylor
1st Jan 2009, 10:46
Nothing worse than letting dodgy loo roll slip through your fingers.

Lon More
1st Jan 2009, 11:29
Was it John Wayne brand??

Don't take no crap off no Ind(ones)ians??

Beatriz Fontana
1st Jan 2009, 11:32
Dumping duty notice.... is that when you say "I'd give it a few minutes before going in there..."?

1st Jan 2009, 17:44
Are they really investigating, or just going through the motions?

1st Jan 2009, 23:18
Japanese (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClzboDAFTwQ&feature=related) scatological humor.

Pugilistic Animus
2nd Jan 2009, 00:02
I'm always slow when it come to making light humor on these joke threads

Oh Poo:}

2nd Jan 2009, 00:41
Thread's definitely going down the pan :ooh:

(Don't those Japanese programme makers worry about getting sued by their victims?)

(Or are they all set-up?)

(Is it a Japanese tradition to first stand on the seat and then squat like that?)

Too many questions for a joke thread!!! :suspect:

2nd Jan 2009, 04:17
Yer not taking this seriously enough :=

This from this morning's West Australian means that we're going to have to find more than the proverbial penny to spend.

And how does consumption rise by 25% in 4 years??? Are we crapping more? Is McD*nalds to blame? Are the ladies taking more than they should?

Gives me the sh*ts I tell yer :mad:


Arm out the window
2nd Jan 2009, 08:21
They need a cistern-matic investigation to get to the bottom of this, I tell you!

2nd Jan 2009, 09:43
An interesting piece for the 'log' book ...

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