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31st Dec 2008, 21:22
Just an observation, but PPruNe seems to be lacking when it comes to some of the more prurient repartee.

I'm not talking of vulgarity - I despise that. But I have had occasion to exchange some repartee on other sites which was somewhat stimulating - above and below the neck. Don't get me wrong. I am not a female pervert. I have always regarded the sexiest organ to be the brain. Still....a bit of titilation once in awhile is good for the circulation.

Perhaps I've got it all wrong. Maybe there is some fire beneath that British reserve after all, but North American women have been led to believe otherwise, thanks to the popular media. If it weren't for personal observation, I would be skeptical about the media as it could be a case of the predominantly male media mongers not wanting the American and Canadian lasses to go looking for "greener pastures," shall we say?

Now, I wonder if this will whet the appetite like my "Great British Breakfast" blog....or are you all done by tea time?


31st Dec 2008, 21:50
This bulletin board is about 15 years old now - and in internet years that's ancient! Back when I joined ( and this BB was in it's tweens) things were much more raunchy here.

31st Dec 2008, 21:58
That said, there is a post about 5 down telling us all to "Get ******".

I haven't read it yet, but how much tittilation do you need?

Mac the Knife
31st Dec 2008, 22:00
Checkboard is correct. Years ago it was MUCH ruder (and occasionally much funnier) but as PPRuNe became larger (and more widely known and read) the powers that be decided that things should be toned down.

Captain Snailtrails.................that was a man for you!


31st Dec 2008, 22:08
It's a true V2. Coupla years back, I'd have ****** your ***** but these days, I'd be lucky to suggest I could stick my ******* up the **** **** and all that.:eek:

Howard Hughes
31st Dec 2008, 22:19
I think a lot of the raunch goes on behind the scenes these days (via PM)...:E

Noah Zark.
31st Dec 2008, 23:04
I think the state of the country, economy, jobs, etc., all have a negative effect on everyone. There just doesn't seem to be any feel-good factor about any more, and it makes us feel morose. :(

31st Dec 2008, 23:05
Or too many spouses looking over the shoulder now!



31st Dec 2008, 23:45
hmmmm :hmm: .. read raunchy post, meet raunchy poster .... marry said poster .... stop posting. :oh:

Yep - sums it up for me :E :ok:

31st Dec 2008, 23:49
About 3 or 4 years ago, it often used to be really racy on JB. It was fun and funny too.

Then it all got a bit 'puritan' and that was about when I stopped dropping in.

Shame. :(

tony draper
31st Dec 2008, 23:56
Think the last racy one were a chap looking for err other chaps.:uhoh:

1st Jan 2009, 00:09
Well, yes, you did get some of that sort of thing. But you have to be inclusive these days doncha? :O

1st Jan 2009, 00:41
I don't think the events of 2008 have helped - I haven't felt myself for ages!;)

1st Jan 2009, 00:42
All you have to say is LEG, then Draper gets all hot under the collar. What was her name again Catherine wotsit?

1st Jan 2009, 00:44
Deneuve? Zeta Jones? Or maybe Ms Bellingham!



1st Jan 2009, 02:51
Oh, I'd say it still exists. It's just cloaked with a bit more subtlety for the mods, but the wanton are still around.

Long may they crave! :E

(and far be it from me to stand apart from them) :p

1st Jan 2009, 04:38
Wow! I didn't know Pprune was THAT old!

Thanks to those who had the balls to step up to the plate and let me know how it was....way back when....and why it is as such today.

I understand it/you/us a bit better now.


Krystal n chips
1st Jan 2009, 06:28
You brazen hussies !

Good grief ! how on earth can a chap be expected to read the font of all knowledge, the Daily Mail, in peace when one is expected to engage in some form of carnal activity with the lights most certainly out !..and the end result being a damp patch to distract one's reading about the sorry state of society today ! .....indeed, one has often read about those trollops who, it would seem, wear nuns outfits, schoolmistresses gowns, riding wear, leather and rubber, maids and nurses outfits and do the most depraved acts of a salacious nature to men.....some even have the audacity to use Herme's scarfs for some form of "pleasure"..... This is exactly the sort of behaviour from women than undermines the whole moral fabric of our society dont'cha know.......

:ok:THANKFULLY !!!.......::p:E

1st Jan 2009, 06:34
Krystal.... You have a definite craving.....

....fortunately for you, there's a drive thru window. :}

Krystal n chips
1st Jan 2009, 09:59
City of Flight,

Correct, I do indeed have a craving......for erudite Women...:p:E

You may safely assume one is not, and never will be, a reader of said publication :E

1st Jan 2009, 10:20
You may safely assume one is not, and never will be, a reader of said publicationMethinks the Krystal doth protest too much! You do seem to be awfully familiar with the DM's contents!! ;) :p



1st Jan 2009, 10:25
The Great British upper lip isn't the only stiff place you know..

(In my case, it's me creaky old back.... afterwards ;) )

Krystal n chips
1st Jan 2009, 10:51

Ah but, it's like this. One is highly unlikely ( indeed, one lives in hope ! ) to reject being subjected to the esoteric whims and desires of such ladies......however, if one was duly compelled to read said publication to accompany these wishes, then alas, a trip to Strasbourg would be the end result...there are limits you know.:D:E

Beatriz Fontana
1st Jan 2009, 11:29
The Victorians have a lot to answer for. All goes on behind closed doors, dontchano. Shoddy moral compass, where is the country going?

Shocking behaviour. Should be banned. All of it.

Unless I'm invited.... :}

Lon More
1st Jan 2009, 11:35
Doesn't seem to be effecting certain well to do Scots (http://www.scotsman.com/latestnews/The-millionaire-lawyer-his-lady.4836775.jp). Might put you off the eclairs though

And Beatrix, as the old ad. went, "Anytime, anyplace, anywhere":suspect:

Beatriz Fontana
1st Jan 2009, 11:52
That's the last time I order banana and kiwi fruit for dessert...! Would you like cream with that, madam? Ooh, no....

Lon More. What a great ad!

Krystal. Nothing wrong with Strasbourg. Lovely place. Devil to park the car, though. :E

Krystal n chips
1st Jan 2009, 13:17
Beatriz !

Not you as well....I have been shocked to read the revelations on this thread from the demure, fair and gentle sex......:ooh:

Now if, you could just expand a little on the, ahem, Victorian principles and values for the sole benefit of my education......I have always led a sheltered and innocent life you understand......:E :D

Beatriz Fontana
1st Jan 2009, 14:15
What have I done now? Sweet innocent me? :O

1st Jan 2009, 14:59
Mac my dear friend, IMO that's a truth with modifications.

During the days of Snaily and Slash, JB didn't have the possibility to post pictures. So whatever was posted might have been explicit and sexy writing, but it was never a full-on beaver shot.
Once we did get pictures, a number of people thought it was funny to post porn pics. Which rightfully (to my mind at least) p!ssed Danny off royally. Attempts were made to make people realise where the line went, but that didn't work very well at all. The porn kept coming. :8
So the tonne of bricks was brought down a few times. Not a precision weapon and its use caused collateral damage to the mindset of JBers.
People stopped posting anything that might cause the bricks to fall again. Fault the moderating or fault the pornographers?

Another thing is that Slash and Snaily were masters of the art. Their posts were explicit, racy, hilarious (anyone remember Deirdre and the exhausted Captain?) but not often gross or offensive. Their writings were 'art', and it seems to be a lost one these days.

Easy to blame the moderating ;) but it's definitely not the whole truth.

1st Jan 2009, 16:18
I've just written a line on the Limerick thread with the word shag in it!

1st Jan 2009, 16:33
That could have blown it.

Lon More
1st Jan 2009, 16:34
another cunning linguist

Beatriz Fontana
1st Jan 2009, 17:16
goudie, have you been writing about seabirds again?

1st Jan 2009, 17:35
Fine or rough cut Goudie ?:E

1st Jan 2009, 17:38
I shall have to stay out of there then.

You know how delicate my sensibilities are.

Mac the Knife
1st Jan 2009, 19:12
Juud, you're quite right - I'd forgotten about the pictures!

And yes, as you say, "Their posts were explicit, racy, hilarious but not often gross or offensive. Their writings were 'art', and it seems to be a lost one these days."

Happy New Year!



Loose rivets
1st Jan 2009, 19:54
Funniest thing...but first just a reminder about Six and the swimming pool. Thems upstairs got cross, but I hardly noticed. I noticed her big grin I think, but nothing else seem untoward.

Back another step. We in the Rivetorium, had no false modesty. No shock horror when walking into an unlocked room at an inopportune moment. Gone through that with Mater, wasn't going to happen in the modern world.

Forward to being 45 or so, and on a beautiful Caribbean island. Thought I'd go and visit our girls: Half a dozen or so lovely Colleens. They were all swimming when I got there. One by one they slowly got out and donned the tops of their costumes. It had all looked so natural and pleasant, that I hadn't even noticed.

I looked at Sirens on YouTube 'tother day. Beautiful scene, but all-well, most anyway- of my concentration was focused on Elle's face.

Smut, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

1st Jan 2009, 19:55
You brazen hussies !


The Great British upper lip isn't the only stiff place you know..

(In my case, it's me creaky old back.... afterwards http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/wink2.gif )

But that "creaky old back" is the side effect of disallowing those "imitations." :D ;)

1st Jan 2009, 20:56
More like failing to avoid limitations.... :O

1st Jan 2009, 21:01
Slasher was just filthy. I loved it. It was like a 12 year old waiting for the next Harry Potter book!:E

1st Jan 2009, 22:24
It's a wise man or woman who knows his or her imitations and which of those to avoid! :p



Pontius Navigator
1st Jan 2009, 22:50
I think a lot of the raunch goes on behind the scenes these days (via PM)...:E

I wish,

or may be there are so many other purient sights out there.

1st Jan 2009, 22:59
No sex, (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/british-men-have-worst-sex-lives-canadians-the-best-481056.html) please (http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-wellbeing/health-news/why-british-women-go-off-sex-unlike-the-french-and-germans-436852.html), we're British... (http://www.inthenews.co.uk/news/news/science/british-women-left-unmoved-by-sex-$446939.htm)

1st Jan 2009, 23:17
Slasher's posts were really funny. Snaily's posts were absolute quality. It's a pity I didn't save more of his musings. The 747 trip to London with Diedre was hilarious.

I also remember another multiday post that had every one eager for the next installment. :E

Howard Hughes
2nd Jan 2009, 00:42
Surely Alloa Akhbar wins this years prize for the 'raunchiest' and "most entertaining" threads!:ok:

Buster Hyman
2nd Jan 2009, 00:49
How is Mr Stiffy?

2nd Jan 2009, 03:17
Anything you need to tell us there Buster? :D

Buster Hyman
2nd Jan 2009, 03:32
I was refering to AA's viagra thread Ratty...you'll need to read that for a blow, by blow description...

(Shouldn't you be asleep now?)

10th Jan 2009, 00:57

hmmmm http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/yeees.gif .. read raunchy post, meet raunchy poster .... marry said poster .... stop posting. :oh:

Yep - sums it up for me http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/evil.gif http://static.pprune.org/images/smilies/thumbs.gif

Hmmmm..... Might have to adjust the pre-nup a little here... :suspect: