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Gen. Jack D Ripper
31st Dec 2008, 18:14
I only ask because the European Court of Human Rights attempted to block the handing over of 2 suspects of the murder of 2 UK Servicemen from British Military to Iraqi custody.

31st Dec 2008, 18:50
It would be rather ironic if the Iraqi courts decided that as the British/US invasion was illegal under international law, it was perfectly legal for the Iraqis to defend their country by whatever means they had.....

1st Jan 2009, 21:19
There has been some discussion about this case here in the office, in Strasbourg.

It's about who's actually prosecuting this case and which legal system it falls upon. You should understand that in Europe, for those countries which are members of the Council of Europe, nobody can be executed or be extradited to a country where they may face the death penalty. That seems to be the basis upon which an injunction was granted in Strasbourg preventing these two individuals being transferred to Iraqi custody. It was granted because they were being held in British custody at that point.

The Brits followed their domestic legal system for the appeal and because the UN mandate for British troops was about to expire they ruled the Iraqi police could collect the suspects once that mandate had expired, which i believe they did.

2nd Jan 2009, 06:28
We know Iraq isn't in Europe because when European socialist Dictators begin invading their European neighbours and torturing/exterminating their own European people Europe begins begging the U.S. to send materiel and troops to help take care of the European problem that's killing Europeans. In fact, even if those European socialist Dictators don't directly attack the U.S., Europeans feel that the U.S. has "shown up late" if they don't immediately get into the act at their bidding.

But in the case of Iraq, Hussein was merely adhering to a European-spawned socialist idealogy and mimicking European socialist dictators when invading his neighbours and gassing his people, which weren't European, so therefore, in their Euro-opinion, the U.S. "had no business going there". So without even looking at a globe, there's the concrete proof that Iraq is most definitely NOT in Europe, much like we saw/see that Rwanda, Sudan, or any other former Euro-colony, protectorate, or governance zone isn't either.

2nd Jan 2009, 07:47
Is Iraq in Europe?
Nope. It's in Asia. (If you mean which continent.)

2nd Jan 2009, 17:42
There are some parts of London/Midlands where it would be all too easy to believe that Iraq was in Europe.

3rd Jan 2009, 09:42
May I just say that AMF's rant has really brightened my day!

A splendid understanding of the geopolitical state of the world in yesteryear and today!

Conan The Barber
3rd Jan 2009, 10:03
Perhaps so Angles, but do they understand sarcasm?

3rd Jan 2009, 10:03
You at work again, Angels? Or has the internet finally come home to Greenwich/Blackheath??

Happy New Year, chum, good to see you back in harness. :ok: