View Full Version : New Year resolutions!

31st Dec 2008, 06:03
It is that time of the year again when we all make all sorts of promises (usually under the influence of countless alcoholic beverages) to go back to gym, give up doing lots of silly things, start something different, finish the wife's kitchen(just kidding:E).....

As for myself.... after 5 years of absence i am putting my wings back on my shirt. No kidding!

So tell us!..... What are your new year resolutions?

Happy New Year to all my fellow aviators and safe flying! :ok:

PS: Try to keep it aviation related like "i promise not to bend my aircraft next year" etc.

31st Dec 2008, 06:20
1024 x 768.....

31st Dec 2008, 06:48
Finish my last two ATPL's (Law and Met)!!!

31st Dec 2008, 07:31
Drink more
Smoke a few more GOOD cigars
Earn more money
fly as little as possible.

meet some nice ladies :)

31st Dec 2008, 07:46
Take my advice... get out of Sydney! ;)

das Uber Soldat
31st Dec 2008, 07:48
i might start doing fuel drains, weight and balance, using the correct callsign into CTAFS and flying into class C with my mode charlie off to get those really good pics of qantas planes

31st Dec 2008, 07:53
pass atpl's then tell casa to go and find a day job for the hold up on my licence :\

31st Dec 2008, 08:17

already did.... and LOVING it!!!!!!!

who can complain when Vodka is $6.99 per bottle ?

blade root
31st Dec 2008, 08:31
I'm just hoping that I have a better start next year than I did this year....

No HEADACHE and no bucket next to the bed...

At least it can only get better.

31st Dec 2008, 08:41
and no bucket next to the bed...

that my friend, is the work of the GIDEONS!!!!!!!!!!

31st Dec 2008, 08:43
To not eat dodgy prawns for dinner on New Years Eve so I don't have to play helicopters with the dunny like now.

Gotta go.......................................

31st Dec 2008, 09:03
My resolution is to celebrate new year 2010 at the end of next year. It is now against the law to celebrate over here tonight!:mad:

22nd Feb 2009, 10:25
$6.99 for a bottle of Vodka...wow..u must have flown to heaven.....:ok: good 4 u brother ...and have a few drinks 4 me

22nd Feb 2009, 10:33
After 5 years ur putting ur wings back on.....:ok: good 4 u.... just make sure the shirts still fit u....lol....:)...

22nd Feb 2009, 11:41
Apache did take ur advice and has gone to heaven to drink his cheap WODKU ( Vodka...lol...:ok: