View Full Version : wow!

30th Dec 2008, 20:39
I'd like to put my name down for the three fastest replies to any thread prize, thanks! 3 minutes, start to stop :ok:

... followed by the fastest thread delete I have ever seen - in the fourth minute! :eek:

Captain Speedbird
30th Dec 2008, 20:42
Got some catching up to do

30th Dec 2008, 21:08
Whot ho Checker, so what was the shite Old Chap:D:D:E:E

Capn Notarious
30th Dec 2008, 21:10
Got some catching up to do

No it is you that is in catch up. Checkboard has been on site for a decade!

30th Dec 2008, 22:07
Hi hun, were you posting whilst pissed again? :D

Captain Speedbird
30th Dec 2008, 22:12
Hell Yeah and I have been here longer than you Capt N, so yah boo sucks.

30th Dec 2008, 22:50
I thought this was a thread about airsouthwest flightnumbers!