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30th Dec 2008, 20:07
I don't know what I found more shocking, the fact he had 100bn withdrawn from his account, or that he was a full time student at the tender age of 38...

BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | Student's 100bn overdraft shock (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/glasgow_and_west/7804876.stm)

(or 10 if you are Barclays)

30th Dec 2008, 20:31
One wonders what exactly was going on - two withdrawals of 50bn. Bank doesn't comment on fraud - but one does wonder . . .

30th Dec 2008, 21:01
Probably Gordon Brown trying to fill a shortfall

30th Dec 2008, 21:18
I wonder if the technical error is still working for Barclay's....

2nd Jan 2009, 11:53
Probably is still working for them.

I've met a few 'technical errors' during the course of the past few months which is why the matter of my account is with the Financial Ombudsman!

Good account and bank, but poorly-trained, inefficient staff.

FOK :)

2nd Jan 2009, 12:37
I guess they made an Ayr:\

2nd Jan 2009, 13:14
I note with interest they change their story. Maybe on account of him calling the old bill. Wad a load of coin artists.

2nd Jan 2009, 13:26
Another punter on the make

He also said he was looking for the bank to increase its offer of compensation for the level of stress he had been put under in trying to resolve the situation.

So how much compensation does he want?

Stress... bless - does he honestly think the bank would believe he had an unauthorised overdaft of 100Bn and then start chasing him for it?

Stress my arse :ugh:

2nd Jan 2009, 17:46
What a plonker,

Should have gone to an ATM an withdrawn another 50k or so and blamed Barclays for it.

Union Jack
2nd Jan 2009, 17:53
I note with interest they change their story

Very droll, Indiscipline Girl!


2nd Jan 2009, 19:17
38 and still at school, its easy to see how it happened, he spells his name in so many different ways that the bank can't tell the difference, maybe that it was not in crayon, should have given it away...:ugh:

3rd Jan 2009, 01:36
Don't forget if you owe the bank $300 000 its your problem. If you owe the bank $100 billion its their problem. He should hit them up for another $100 billion to see if he can trade his way out of the problem.

3rd Jan 2009, 12:14
Some years ago the utility company I worked for sent out, through a technical error, a couple of hundred or so direct debit mandates for just over 64 million quid*. Luckily it was not a night when I was on duty.

What did surprise us was that a couple of the clearing banks actually cashed them, sending the accounts of a hundred or so customers severely overdrawn (the other banks rejected them). The problem then compounded itself because the mandates went out on the Thursday before Easter so nothing could be done for 4 days to rectify the situation (weekend plus two days bank holiday so we couldn't get anything credited to the customers).

(* Actually each mandate was for One Billion and 64 million but the computers ignored the billion.).

Scumbag O'Riley
3rd Jan 2009, 12:35
Some banks are rubbish. One would think in these difficult times they would try to improve customer service to hold onto customers who actually have cash to invest to prop up their balance sheets, but I have seen standards drop a lot over the past twelve months. The problem is picking a replacement which isn't doing the same thing.

I am fed up with their constant errors and inability to follow simple instructions which would fix their errors. They are quite simply rubbish.

3rd Jan 2009, 14:56
S O'R.

I did learn later, from a friend who became employed by one of the banks that allowed the DDs to go through, that at the time that bank had no overdraft checking (i.e. 'If DD goes through will be > limit so bounce it') checking on their Direct Debit processing.

They relied on the fact that while a debit may have taken the customer over their limit they would recover more than that in charges. (Which were about 25k per customer per day for the overdrafts we supplied. All of which were paid, of course.).

3rd Jan 2009, 16:19
I argue it this way. My consultancy fees are 200 per half day, or 50 an hour. If the bank screw up such that it takes me 15 minutes to put it right, that's 12.50 they owe me. If I have to hang on the end of a telephone for 10 minutes first, and pay for the call, that's more than another 12.50 they owe.

My credit card company charged me twice last month for an item - to the tune of 2600 plus. It took 20 minutes on the telephone (for which I had to pay) to get a promise to sort it. I'll check next week to see if they have, but if not, it won't be a telephone call - it will be a complaining letter to the Chief Executive, and it will be pointed out how much they have cost me..

Squeegee Longtail
3rd Jan 2009, 18:44
"We knew we still had quite a bit left in the account as we checked last night before we went out," he said.
"This morning I went out to get a few things, then, when I came back, my account was overdrawn by that amount."

I've had that - you go out for an evening, one thing leads to another, beer, wine, champagne, curry, more beer, nightclub, cocktails, casino, hookers, and you wake up the next morning with a huge dent in your bank balance. "I know, I'll blame it on a bank error!"
These students are all the same.