View Full Version : Isle of Wight to get Ceefax

30th Dec 2008, 16:52
Well to round off the retail therapy I thought I would take a browse round the bookshops and came across "Isle of Wight to get Ceefax" by John O'Farrell.

I could hardly suppress my laughter as I read same in the outlet's coffee shop.

Here are a few of the headlines:-

Teenagers on work experience banned from air traffic control (http://newsbiscuit.com/article/teenagers-on-work-experience-banned-from-air-traffic-control-271)

Gaza border crossing to get Tesco Metro

Printer ink tops $1,000 a barrel

Bond villian's underground missile silo "did not have planning permission"

IKEA proudly announce the flatpack coffin!

Government admit to losing the Isle of Wight

RyanAir to charge for ‘emotional baggage’ (http://newsbiscuit.com/article/ryanair-to-charge-for-emotional-baggage-200)

I suppose what makes them funny is that some are not far from the truth!

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