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Richard Taylor
30th Dec 2008, 10:08
I'm sure I have not been the only one to have been bedridden over Christmas, missing the big day & Boxing Day, this year. Completely ruined my festivities anyway. On mend now, at least I don't need to return to work until 2009 now, with Manager's blessing.

Is there such a condition as manflu? It felt worse than anything I have contracted before, everything from sneezing, coughing which started from the soles of my feet, sweats, migraine, general listlessness (although that could be any time during the year!!), lack of appetite & energy. You name it.

One thing I must remember to do is when I get back to work, I must punch out the lights of the to$$er who spread his germs all round my office & into my face. Gee, thanks!

Manflu - it exists.

tony draper
30th Dec 2008, 10:24
People tend to call every sniffle they get Flu whereas in truth we probably only get true Influenze a couple of times in our lives, it is a serious illness,best get that flu jab every year even if you have to pay for it.
Only ever been seriously ill near unto death once in me life and that was with the Asian flu in the fifties,very near saw one orf that did,dammed Asians.

30th Dec 2008, 10:24
I think there's something about being male that makes us oversensitive to illness. We don't get period pains or the like, and can go for months without a single hiccup, so when something does happen... ow. :{

30th Dec 2008, 10:36
I had flu once only. Vomiting, the squirts (karnt spell diorea), lost nearly a stone & a half & confined to bed & khazi for five days. You'll know when you have flu.

Richard Taylor
30th Dec 2008, 10:45
Are you telling me that I was utterly, unequivocally, undeniably exaggerating my terrible, disasterous, critical condition? ;)

MEN, eh? :O

30th Dec 2008, 10:48
A medical person on the radio, when asked to define the difference between a mere cold and influenza replied that if you think that you are going to die - then that's influenza . .

30th Dec 2008, 10:52
No, no. if you think you are going to die - that's a virus; if you wish you would die - that's the flu (or was that seasickness?). :}

west lakes
30th Dec 2008, 10:58
Though according to the local radio DJ this morning there is a strain of Australian Flu around. Not only have they nicked our sun they've sent us this as well!

I'll now run away very quickly

30th Dec 2008, 11:04
You guys knew the link was coming ...

YouTube - man flu (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EElqrgk4N0)

I feel for you man. Manflu sucks !

Standard Noise
30th Dec 2008, 11:21
'Manflu sucks' - haven't got to that bit yet, at the minute it blows, sneezes and coughs. Right through a box and a half of kleenex in the last 24 hours.

30th Dec 2008, 11:26
A friend of mine defined flu thus: if you see a 20 note on the floor and pick it up then it's a cold.

30th Dec 2008, 12:00
There are about 2000 viruses which cause "flu like symptoms," only about 3 of them cause actual flu -the rest are what are usually termed "manflu,"- cough and cold type symptoms which women generally "get on with," but which us blokes whimper about.

Interestingly, there becomes a point when the number of actual flu circulating in the community, (per 100,000), reaches a level which allows us to prescribe antiviral drugs, (which don't really work.)

We've reached that point at the moment, sounds like you've had real flu, rather than being a bit whimpy.

Flu jabs generally do prevent the 3 "real flus", but not the other 1997 "manflus"

Beatriz Fontana
30th Dec 2008, 12:01
Aussie man flu? Yeek. Is that when you're so ill that you can't find the energy to fire up the barbie?

At least with the flu striking over Christmas, offices and schools are closed so it's less likely to spread. Then again, I suppose, one is more likely to visit elderly relatives and, er, kill 'em off... good excuse not to visit great aunt Agatha this year, though :O

Union Jack
30th Dec 2008, 12:05
My current next of kin says that "Children get colds, men get flu, and women get on with it"!:=


30th Dec 2008, 13:00
(So far) this winter I have just had two bouts of extreme constantly drippy nostril.

The first, a few weeks ago, lasted around 24hrs, the second, just yesterday, lasted only about 3hrs.

I'm sure there's worse to come.

30th Dec 2008, 14:11
Mrs BS and daughter No.1 have been prostrated with influenza over Xmas. Its no joke. Even getting up for a wee left them with massive bone ache and unable to even speak. It was all I could do to get them to swallow a bit of our patented home-made invalid food - chicken and cabbage soup. This flu' is one of those horrid strains where even your teeth ache and all the curtains must stay tightly drawn.

BS meanwhile remained bravely on his feet, fortified with a free flu' jab and a generous measure of Ancnoc. Man Flu'? Nah, not me...

30th Dec 2008, 14:57
I'm off today feeling crap- but it's not Flu.

How do I know? Because I had the flu once. Got out of bed to go to the bog-collapsed in a heap on the floor. Could not walk.

There's flu and there's having a cold.

Didn't Influenza kill more people than WW 1 during an epidemic that took place just after that war?

30th Dec 2008, 15:55
I returned from the doctors this morning. I told him i'd had flu since xmas eve and he laughed. He said I hadn't had flu, but just cold. A viral infection. Unfortunately this had led to a secondary sinus issue, severe headaches, diziness, earache and throat infection. I asked for an effective painkiller or I was likely to take my own life. Never known pain like it.

The xmas period was no fun, unable to get out of bed, no alcohol or food. I took my first two tablets of tetracycline and went to bed for 3 hours. Got up before and already feel loads better.

Bloody man-flu.

30th Dec 2008, 16:17
The Memsahib came back from Cornwall with a streaming cold
and temperature. "Oh dear", I thought. "I'm going to finish up
with it as well."
But so far no problem.
Memsahib now seems fine. A lucky escape for me I think.
My old remedy of eating loads of GARLIC has suceeded again!
Nobody wants to get too close!!!! :ok:

Richard Taylor
30th Dec 2008, 16:22
I tend to rub on that Vicks Vaporub stuff - apparently was the only thing that helped me as a youngster - which of course, I still am...:}

Also been taking Lemsip though, which I still am although I am a lot better. But tastes BLOODY DISGUSTING!!! :yuk:

Do have cough mixture but I've read such mixtures are really a waste of time, you only THINK they help you.

What I really need is a Night Nurse...:E - especially to rub that Vicks on my chest...

30th Dec 2008, 16:41
My one grandmother and a dear friend would always refer to a bad cold as Flu and it drove/drives me nuts. Flu you are so ill there is no doubting what you have. When did a cold and flu become interchangeable with the name as the symptoms are not the same?
As I have said elsewhere I keep feeding myself Echinacea and have that Vick's first defence in and keeping my fingers crossed.

I stopped having the flu jab because whatever they did with it used to make me very unwell for the week after

Standard Noise
30th Dec 2008, 16:42
Ditch the Lemsip, it's a waste of money. Take max dose Paracetamol first thing, then max Ibuprofen two hours later and repeat up to your daily limit. Then break out the kettle and drink hot orange squash or Ribena if you want a drink and just ride out the storm.

Mind you, I've been doing that since Boxing day and I'm still as bad as ever.

30th Dec 2008, 16:45
SN, hot Ribena and a drop of rum. Very nice!

30th Dec 2008, 16:46
I'm not being funny chaps, but you're not really ILL ill, are you:}

30th Dec 2008, 16:55
Had flu, as others have said you'll know it when it hits you, unable to stand, dizzy, hot and cold, light hurts and a deleriuos fever. Quite honestly thought it was malaria or something. (Oh and the squits as I can't spell either). Don't remember coughing much but there again don't remember much at all from Xmas day 1999 till I managed to get up on NY eve for about 30min to watch the Millenium bug eat me puter.

30th Dec 2008, 16:55
You DON'T have to be ill to just write about it do you? :confused:

30th Dec 2008, 17:03
I thought "Man Flu" was something one experienced on New Years Day (or the like), having "picked it up" the night before....

30th Dec 2008, 17:04
GingernutYou may not think it's ILL ill, but you wouldn't wish it even on Gordon Brown.I've had it since Christmas Eve and its a right b**ger. No doubt it's not proper flu - I had that once - but it's a close relative. Only consolation, it's been a great excuse to avoid the outlaws.

30th Dec 2008, 17:09
Only ever had flu once! After an effin flu jab!
Never had either since!

30th Dec 2008, 17:47
There is a viral flu thing running riot around Aberdeen right now Richard. Even the mighty Dons are likely to cancel training sessions to minimise the risk of it decimating the squad.

I had an ideal opportunity to test out this manflu nonsense thanks to this current ague.
It was like an encyclopedia of cold symptoms.
Master C brought it home from his Saturday job in Argos. (You get everything from Ebola to TB splashed in your face daily behind the tills there.)
Mrs C and I fell into to its nasty grip on the same day as a consequence, and a full week of illness resulted as this thing worked its way round your organs in turn.

She was just as ill as me, I went back to work too soon, while she stayed bed-ridden, and had to come home again. Then I took to my bed again, fevered and feeling shite, and then she was up and about one day before me. So it was swings and roundabouts. I tried to get back to work too soon and she recovered a day quicker.
I don't think she liked manflu either!

Actually, to be honest even if you feel terrible there is something perversely pleasant about the indulgent behaviour you so infrequently get the opportunity to practise.

30th Dec 2008, 17:54
Got sick on the 24th...sweats..shivers..aches
26th....food erupting from both ends...
Yesterday almost complete recovery....
Worse than the winter vomitting bug I got last year :yuk:

30th Dec 2008, 18:27
Nothing like a good leg-over, couple of stiff hot chocky toddies & 5 hours kip, then another good sh*g:E:E:ok::ok: Then all you need is to wash the sheets & duvet:*

30th Dec 2008, 18:37
Only ever had flu once! After an effin flu jab!

Same thing happened to my mother. As far as we could gather she had never even had a cold in the first 78 years of her life. The first year that she went to live in an old folks home they insisted that she have the anti-flu jab. Twenty four hours later she went down with influenza and was taken into hospital. It was so bad that they thought she was dying. I was living in Italy in those days and got a telephone call asking me to go back to the UK to see her, which I did. Luckily she got over it, but she did tell them where they could stick their jabs from then on.

I used to find that the best cure for manflue was six Beecham's Powders and half a bottle of whiskey. and straight to bed. A real 'kill or cure' remedy that worked every time. I used to wake up next morning and all symptoms were gone.

Rwy in Sight
30th Dec 2008, 18:40
Men are more annoyed by the minor health issues than women because men need to be concentrated to make important decisions daily and it is difficult to think straight when flu like symptoms take over.

I loved the definitions of flu vs cold. All the best for those who are confronted with flu and cold this time of year and please try to take as much advantage as possible (as described by our fellow Ppruners).

30th Dec 2008, 18:46
GingernutYou may not think it's ILL ill, but you wouldn't wish it even on Gordon Brown.I've had it since Christmas Eve and its a right b**ger.

No you're right, and the symptoms do make you feel lousy. (Got a touch myself at the moment as it 'appens.)

I'm just having a little giggle to myself, as I make a good living dealing with people (men) with manflu.

Of course, one has to go through the process of listening to the persons symptoms, performing a clinical examination, acknowledging the fact that, yes, it does make one feel very lousy, and yes, it is probably the worse case you've seen that day/week/month/year, whilst in the back of your head, knowing that this chap will be as right as rain in 1-2 weeks. (The key, of course, is spotting the really ILL ill patient.)

Most of the time, we get away without poisoning the patient. Advice and acknowledgement usually suffices, although sometimes laziness, frustration, tiredness or just the fact that we have to move onto the next case, weakens our will, and we reach out for the prescription pad-the quickest, but not always the best, way of closing the consultation.

Yes, it makes you feel ill, yes, we deserve a bit of sympathy, and yes, you will get better on your own, after what seems like an eternity.

But your not dying of cancer are you? (As some people are this Christmas, I'm afraid).

Good health, I'm off to take some of my own advice- encourage fluids:)

30th Dec 2008, 23:43

Just re read your post for the third or fourth time which sort of adds quite a lot of validity to the following report

BBC NEWS | Health | NHS 'fast losing its compassion' (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7797868.stm)

31st Dec 2008, 08:41
...but you wouldn't wish it even on Gordon Brown.OH YES I WOULD!!! :suspect:

Standard Noise
31st Dec 2008, 11:13
Works in your favour sometimes though.
Early shift this morning after 4 days off, walk in to rest room.......
'Morning all (cough, splutter sneeze), good christmas?'
Colleague 1 'You're sick, f**k off home!'
Colleague 2 'Oh, you don't sound well.'
'I'll be off then, see you tomorrow.'

at home, still sick, but well enough to proon.:ooh:

31st Dec 2008, 11:36
Clearly there is a virus doing the rounds. Got it myself. Felt 'off' on Christmas day, crap on the 26th and am only getting over it now. The cough was the worst bit. Coughed so much that I was beginning to grey out, like pulling g. A vicious cough that.

I know it's only a cold and I'm not really that sick. But I hate the general feeling of malaise it causes. That's the real problem. Because of it your general enthusiasm for anything is gone. Not only that I do feel my tolerance for colds is less. I always shrugged off colds but now as I get older they seem to be worse.

One thing I don't like is the attitude that men are prone to exaggerate illness, even if it has some truth in it when it comes to minor ailments. I think that still leads to situations where men don't want to be seen to be like that and ignore serious symptoms and pains until it's too late. Colds are one thing but when men work through things like breathlessness or chest pains so as not to appear wimpish. Well that's a whole different matter. My Father being a case in point, never ill a day in his life, took pride in it. I'm quite sure the heart attack the killed him didn't come out of the blue. Looking back, it's pretty obvious there were symptons that were ignored until it was too late.

31st Dec 2008, 13:07
Oh yes, man flu exists, so does women flu, but we are too scared to tell them

Once I had been feeling unwell on a US trip and ended up driving from Groton to La Guardia with the heating full on as it was the only way I could stay something like warm. I flew to Houston and really started to feel rough to the extent that I cancelled my Galleria hotel and crawled into the airport Marriott. I crashed out at about 4:30pm intending to wake up at about 8 and get some food. At 8, I woke up and failed to even walk to the bathroom without stopping for rest (and as some of you know, they are not big rooms). Yep, that was the arrival of flu. I have never felt so ill in my life; as I think someone else commented, you really almost dont care if you live or die !!

Since those days (10 years ago), I have taken an Echinacea pill every day and have had only about 2 colds and no flu despite at times, all around me being sneezing

31st Dec 2008, 15:30
well, i'm officially allergic to that tetracycling antibiotic thingy. Took first 2 tabs yesterday. Had 3 hour sleep, got up, felt much better, then red lumps and much itchyness thru the night. another visit to docs and another antibiotic. Oh and a sick note till the 5th!! Shall I use it tho? That's the question. Just hope I feel well enough to go back to work on Saturday. :E

31st Dec 2008, 16:52
That's the way Helimutt! Spread it around a bit! :ok:

Mac the Knife
31st Dec 2008, 19:08
"Didn't Influenza kill more people than WW 1 during an epidemic that took place just after that war?"

The 1918/1919 Spanish Flu pandemic certainly did!

Older estimates say it killed 4050 million people while current estimates say 50 million to 100 million people worldwide died.


tony draper
31st Dec 2008, 19:19
I understand the Spanish Flu was so devastating because vast numbers people were moving about the world more than ever before due the war of course spreading the disease about much faster.
Tiz reckoned we are due for another bad influenza pandemic,and the way people move about this old mudball nowadays guarantees it will get everywhere very swiftly.

Mac the Knife
31st Dec 2008, 20:31
What a little ray of sunshine you are Tony!


31st Dec 2008, 21:19
To be fair our Chief Medical Officer (an epidemiologist professor) endorses Tony's POV.