View Full Version : Caption-o-matic!

Buster Hyman
29th Dec 2008, 23:00

Other than giving the TFR a tweak, I think it should be fine.

29th Dec 2008, 23:05
And the prize for the low pass competition goes to....

29th Dec 2008, 23:09
New archeological finds suggest that the Ancient Egyptians may have been much more technologically advanced than was previously thought...

Howard Hughes
29th Dec 2008, 23:10
The Yanks take first prize in the sand sculpting competition with their piece entitled 'stealth bomber'...;)

Paradise Lost
29th Dec 2008, 23:37
"A little short on the approach Hoskins....."

29th Dec 2008, 23:41
"OK, which of you lot called me a 'ground-pounder'?"

Howard Hughes
29th Dec 2008, 23:47
Hey Bubba I still say we need water for this here submarine...:ok:

29th Dec 2008, 23:52
Is Jimmy Hoffa in there?

Buster Hyman
30th Dec 2008, 00:05

"The order is - engage the silent drive!....What?....Oh, shit!"

Howard Hughes
30th Dec 2008, 00:05
The sooner we get outta this God foresaken hole the better!;)

Buster Hyman
30th Dec 2008, 00:07
Hey! I found Saddam!

30th Dec 2008, 00:21

This added to meet minimum text requirements.

30th Dec 2008, 00:46
And once again "Long" John Daly seems to have over driven the hole and finds himself in a most precarious sandtrap.

30th Dec 2008, 01:07
"No, I don't care what you think about the war. You cannot fly it home and keep it your basement."

Lafyar Cokov
30th Dec 2008, 01:23
Why would two sharks be buried so close to one another?

30th Dec 2008, 02:52
The conveyor belt was moving considerably faster than the speed of the wheels.

30th Dec 2008, 03:15
Taking a leaf out the dog's book, this is the new method for mothballing aircraft in long term storage. Bury it.

30th Dec 2008, 10:09
Get in Time Team they will excavate it quicker than the Engineers.

Richard Taylor
30th Dec 2008, 12:55

US Forces try to release their stealth plane from Taliban's cunning sandtrap...

30th Dec 2008, 13:11
Underground runway design to be modified.

30th Dec 2008, 13:58
Agrarian economy, my ass.....

30th Dec 2008, 14:38
'Close to the rain? What?'

Spunky Monkey
30th Dec 2008, 14:41
So where exactly did you bury the plane, son?

In the sand...

(Taken from an old British TV advert - RAC I think).

30th Dec 2008, 14:44
I distinctly told you to put it in the hangar, NOT the bunker!!!! :mad:

cockney steve
30th Dec 2008, 14:55
Look, lad, as part of a team, you don't plough your own furrow

30th Dec 2008, 16:03
meanwhile, at USAF base Southport Sands....