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28th Dec 2008, 23:34
why are london buses red?

28th Dec 2008, 23:35
increase the chance you'll see 'em commin' ??

29th Dec 2008, 00:06
So that the drivers can see each other easily and congregate in a pack. This way they ensure that passengers wait for hours for a bus and then have a choice of which one will not let them on.

29th Dec 2008, 00:18
Horse buses had been painted a variety of colours for different routes. From 1907 all London General Omnibus Company motorbuses were painted red and numbers differentiated routes.
Almost certainly an arbitrary choice . . .
London General Omnibus Company (L.G.O.C) was formed on 1 January 1859. It replaced a joint Anglo-French company called the Compagnie General des Omnibus de Londres, founded in 1855. This began operating horse bus services in London in 1856. By the end of that year it was the largest bus operator in the capital, owning 600 buses - 75% of the total.
The L.G.O.C, under the fleet name General, remained the principal bus company in London throughout the 19th century.
The opening of the Central London Railway (Central line) in 1900 and the electrification of many tramlines meant that the L.G.O.C. had to compete for passengers. It started to experiment with a new technology: motorbuses. It ordered 50 motorbus chassis from Sidney Straker & Squire Limited and another 54 from De Dion-Bouton in 1905.
By 1913 the L.G.O.C. had become one of two major bus companies in London. It had bought up all its rivals including the London Road Car Company, the Vanguard Motor Bus Company, the Great Eastern Motor Omnibus Company and the New Central Motor Omnibus Company. The only other bus company that was nominally independent was Tilling's. By 1914, L.G.O.C. buses were carrying 756 million passengers a year.
See London General Omnibus Company (L.G.O.C.) - Exploring 20th Century London (http://www.20thcenturylondon.org.uk/server.php?show=conInformationRecord.123)
In 1933 the L.G.O.C, together with the rest of the Underground Electric Railways of London Limited, became part of the London Passenger Transport Board, under which the same company ran all transport in London.
The fact that the 'General' became a monopoly mean that their colour was adopted - so simply serendipity . . .

Loose rivets
29th Dec 2008, 06:20
Shift going for aptitude ground What at nine. Troupe a fire goat the then?

Now that's a random question.::p

29th Dec 2008, 06:45
........why are london buses red?

So you can differentiate from Green Line. :ok:

29th Dec 2008, 06:50
Or London Country.

Best two liveries from the past have been Oxford and Southdown....neither red.

Lon More
29th Dec 2008, 08:17
probably nicked a job-lot of red paint from the GPO

29th Dec 2008, 09:35
I'm guessing it was for the same reason the "Little Red Schoolhouse" was red: for a long time, red paint was the cheapest.

Takan Inchovit
29th Dec 2008, 09:40
why are london buses red?

Because they have writing all over them?

29th Dec 2008, 10:40
Buses I don't know. But Fire Engines? Many years ago the logic was explained to me thus:

Fire Engines have 4 wheels at the front and eight at the back.

4 + 8 = 12

There are 12 inches on a ruler.

Queen Mary was a ruler.

Queen Mary was also a ship.

Ships sail in the sea.

Fishes swim in the sea.

Fishes have fins.

The Finns fought the Russians.

Russians are Red

Fire engines are always russian around, therefore:

Fire engines are Red, Q.E.D.

29th Dec 2008, 10:48
London buses are red so that the blood doesn't show.

29th Dec 2008, 10:53
Fire Engines have 4 wheels at the front and eight at the back.:confused:

29th Dec 2008, 13:51
So they can hide in tomato soup.

29th Dec 2008, 13:59
London buses are red so that the blood doesn't show.

Yep, its all them furriners who look left before bolting across the road :eek:

29th Dec 2008, 14:00
I see the goat got another mention. (post # 5 )

29th Dec 2008, 14:00
Anyway, sniff, they're not just red, they are a specific red, the following to be exact. (http://www.scribd.com/doc/214226/london-underground-color-standards) :8:8

RGB: 223R0G44B
PMS: Pantone 485C
CMYK: M100 Y91
Web: CC 00 33
NCS: S1085-Y80R

Richard Taylor
29th Dec 2008, 14:13
I see the Mayor of Wiff-Waff was promoting a possible new Routemaster bus for Londoners, replacing those stupid bendi types that clog up the streets in London & elsewhere.

It may or may not have been red (the bus, not the Mayor).

29th Dec 2008, 14:46
That bl**dy goat does get around a bit.

As larry would say!

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