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Beatriz Fontana
28th Dec 2008, 22:21
It's that time of year again for expressing the promises you'll break by February...

So, what's yours for 2009? :}

28th Dec 2008, 22:23
I resolve not to make any.

28th Dec 2008, 22:29
[email protected]@er! Rollingthunder beat me to it.:}

28th Dec 2008, 23:08
Less Jet Blast? Nah, it will never happen.

Krystal n chips
29th Dec 2008, 05:07
Two actually, both of which I intend to fulfil because for the first time in years, I actually can.

Drive a diesel locomotive.....yes, I know, but the prospect of thumping the ar$e off a 2650 / 3000 bhp Sulzer diesel has a certain appeal....although this may not be quite how the owners of said loco perceive matters.:):E

Go on a cruise....with a difference. Sod the "cruise ship" world, nothing would be worse than sharing a floating gin palace more akin to the Trafford Centre, arriving at a destination and oh, look, another 5 cruise ships and a fleet of coaches to do the tourist trail bit.....:yuk:. Anyway, as I am interested in all forms of transport, have found a nice little cruise (7days) around the UK ( Lowestoft to Islay to unknown depending on cargo ) on a tramp steamer, well the current equivalent anyway, so the opportunity to see how a ship is operated and functions should be rather interesting.

And finally, crucifying, with the help of m'learned friends, my ex business "partner" who has been boasting about how he can't be touched......wrong, so very, very wrong sunshine as you will be finding out in 2009. :E

29th Dec 2008, 06:09
Two actually....Drive a diesel locomotive.....Go on a cruise.....And finally.....

Errr Krystal--that was three! ! ! Wish you luck with the ex business partner, hopefully it has nothing to do with counting........

29th Dec 2008, 12:18
I've thought long and hard, and have decided on my new years resolution.


Peter Fanelli
29th Dec 2008, 12:26
Didn't get that new widescreen monitor for Christmas then I guess. :{

29th Dec 2008, 12:31
Carry a cannister of pepper spray when out feeding stray pudicats. :sad:

29th Dec 2008, 15:45
To love deeply and passionately, to serve humbly and to grow old graciously.

Also demonstrate an act of kindness and respect to all those around me irrespective of job or social standing, each day.

Be more tolerant; not to sweat the small stuff beacause actually it's all small stuff.

Make money work for me...

Make time for friends

See the children more

Take more photographs

Laugh more

Walk more

Live more


29th Dec 2008, 16:55
None of the above.

Been there, done that.
Here its' 512Mb.


29th Dec 2008, 18:11
To add a lot of visual appeal to the exhibits and entrance at the flight museum I support.

The manager said I can have "free rein!" WHOPPEE!!!!

29th Dec 2008, 19:29
To add a lot of visual appeal to the exhibits and entrance at the flight museum I support.
The manager said I can have "free rein!" WHOOPPEE!!!!Where's that?
Worthwile cause... so many museums could do with a bit of "livening up" which would cost next to nothing, but would need a bit of serious work from enthusiastic volunteers. I wish you luck, and hope for you, that that particular resolution will survive well beyond New Years Day !!


30th Dec 2008, 02:57
Christian, I better keep the location to myself for now -
just in case one of the directors reads about the "free rein" and storms into the manager's office with "You gave her WHAT?" lol!

I will post before and after pictures, though.

I agree that many need to liven their visual appeal -- actually appeal to all the senses -- embrace the total experience.

My plan is to "seduce" the visitor before entering the main hangar.
Right now they get to the main hangar through a dreary little hallway. My plan is to turn the walls into aircraft skin -- something like a DC-3 -- shiny metallic with rivets, and blue taxiway lights along the base to guide their way. I may paint some WW2 "nose art" onto the wall too - something relevant to the museum. The sound effects that I plan to pipe into this area will be a combination of a radial engine starting up and shutting down, an overhead fly-by, and some vintage air-traffic control tapes.

30th Dec 2008, 03:08

R4360 starting. Turn on speakers. Crank up sound. You might need to run it a couple of times to load properly.


Hawker Tempest fly by.


Yak 52



30th Dec 2008, 03:21
Rollingthunder, thanks, that's really kewl, and is what I had in mind.

There's a great CD called "Round Sounds" and some of these engines are really throaty. We have a AT-6 Texan and a Lockheed Electra in our collection too.
1. Stearman Biplane (in-cockpit flight)
2. Ryan PT-22s [fly-bys]
3. Beechcraft C-18 [aerobatics]
4. AT-6 Texans [Reno qualifying]
5. AT-6 Texan [aerobatics]
6. Lockheed Electra (in-cockpit engine-starts, take-off and landing]
7. F4U Corsair [engine startup]
8. F4U Corsair [aerobatics]
9. Unlimited Gold Race at Reno
10. B-25 Mitchell Base [engine starts, take-offs]
11. Reno Unlimited Class Racer, "Rare Bear" Qualifying Laps

30th Dec 2008, 03:34
WOW! That Yak 52 is impressive....
and goes on and on and on!

Thanks again, Rt.

30th Dec 2008, 03:37
Yup, if at work you can make your boss think you're really working.

Now, What was this thread about?

30th Dec 2008, 05:00
Rt, lol!

Something about resolutions, I believe, and most of them will sound as impressive as those radial engines, but will probably never get off the ground!

30th Dec 2008, 07:45
Some years ago I made a resolution not to make any more resolutions.

I've managed to stick to it without any relapses! :ok:

Beatriz Fontana
30th Dec 2008, 11:05
After a bit of thought, I think I'm merely going to better myself.

Spent 2008 getting my life back on track, so 2009 must be there to go live it.

30th Dec 2008, 18:03
I'm gonna try and lose a bit of chubbiness.

Thought I'd try and cut out sugar in me coffeee, but the Mrs reckons drinking less gallons of real ale may help.:}