View Full Version : Too good to be true?????

27th Dec 2008, 18:29
I get heads up for tickets to certain groups and Artists, last week I recieved this heads up :
David Gilmour und Jan Josef Liefers - Unser Allerbestes Jahr - Lit.Cologne 2009 Köln - Tickets & Konzertkarten - Eventim (http://www.eventim.de/cgi-bin/tnl.dll?id=ETA&evid=549078&DCMP=EMC-TA08e)

Now I know there is a recession on, but I cannot belive that Dave Gilmour
would play for so little........€14.60....
This has to be a con, Bruce D, the musician side, not the pilot side, you may have more idea, has this sort of thing happened with your band.
Have checked Dave Gilmour's web sight, and Pink Floyds, no mention of up and comming tours....:ugh:

28th Dec 2008, 12:29
Unfortunately there is no music involved

"..werden gesellschaftspolitische Themen diskutiert und philosophische Lebensfragen gewälzt. "

which means socio-political themes will be discussed and philosophical questions of life will be worked through.

Not really for fans of the music I think, it's a literary festival.

28th Dec 2008, 14:52
Where the hell do they get the price €14.60 from. ?? Why can't it be just 16€ or 17€. Why the 0.60c????

28th Dec 2008, 15:07
I expect it's metric.

28th Dec 2008, 15:45
Where the hell do they get the price €14.60 from.
Probably tax.

28th Dec 2008, 18:48
k3k3, thanks for your reply, I checked the sight out and that information was not there when we received the e-mail about tickets, now everything is clear, many thanks. :ok: I did manage to get 2 tickets to the Eagles concert in June, and that was what gave me the problem, Eagles € 300, a bit more realistic....Many thanks again....:D