View Full Version : Australia "may resettle" Gitmo inmates

27th Dec 2008, 01:11
Kevin Rudd may take Guantanamo Bay inmates | The Australian (http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,24845331-601,00.html)

Some might read that headline and suppose that our Kev is planning to take said suitable immigrants into his spare bedrooms at Kirribilli House and the Lodge.

henry crun
27th Dec 2008, 02:08
Given Australia's history of being settled by criminals, it would seem the obvious place to send all of them. :}

galaxy flyer
27th Dec 2008, 02:27
But, this crowd is not bent on building a country like Australia. More like, trying to tear it down. They should be taken immediately to the gallows or shown to their native lands where the gallows would be kind treatment


27th Dec 2008, 02:29
St. Helena.

If it was good enough for Napoleon.....

27th Dec 2008, 03:39
It would be a marked improvement over the lot we are getting from Sudan and Somalia lately.

Fruity Tones
27th Dec 2008, 05:10
Why not just drive them into town and drop them off at the nearest cantina ?

Surely Fidel will welcome them with open arms - especially if they have a few Yanqui dollars to spend!