View Full Version : FAO everyone who gave the dating advice...

26th Dec 2008, 17:04
To those who replied to my thread on dating advice (which has now disappeared)...just a quick thank you...all went well, been on many dates and we are now together..so cheers!! :ok:

Beatriz Fontana
26th Dec 2008, 17:31
Great to hear it! Would be interested in what worked... :ok:

26th Dec 2008, 21:10
Nope - it's still here (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/352379-advice-dating.html) - just locked is all!

good to hear that all went well - well done. :ok:

27th Dec 2008, 00:39

What wonderful news and a superb outcome to your charm and wit I'm sure! All you have to do now is continue in the same vein; look after her, spoil her and treat her like the princess that she is.



27th Dec 2008, 07:27
Great stuff, but the question we all want answered is, does she know that half the UK aviation industry know about her and that you asked us for advice re wooing her?