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25th Dec 2008, 00:52
Can't believe I've been here for almost 8 years. Although I am not a pilot (1.5 hrs total time) but I have been in commercial aviation for 3o+ years, there is a kinship here that is very welcome. This is the only forum I hover around. Found PPRuNe in a small book listing good internet sites, probably a Lonely Planet thing.:D

25th Dec 2008, 01:26
Well I am a pilot but at the time I came here I was flightless. But had been flying since I was 18 years old and was in commercial aviation for 16 years. I have no idea how I found PPRuNE probably a link from something.

It is for me like an old bra as my wife would put it, comfortable but a bit ragged. Only felt uncomfortable once when I was mistaken for a spotter. Still rankles that. Even got a harsh and sarky PM from Danny. That bothers me.

There is a kinship, can't put my finger on it. Even though the airline pilots still rail against us non airline types. I am a professional pilot, just not airline yet. But a kinship with the 'others' that can't just be quantified.

I check PPRuNe every day, get mad at the idiots and have fun with the opinionists. I should get a life, but somehow can't.

Brian Abraham
25th Dec 2008, 04:12
Always been an aviator, well from about the age of 7 or so. Was accused by workmates of posting on prune. "What the hell is prune?" being my reply, and thus I was trapped, never to regain my sanity - if I ever had any. But I did find who it was posting on prune, the boss.

25th Dec 2008, 06:30
I found PPRuNe on the internet :}

But seriously folks....... Signed up when it was in its very early days then lapsed and have forgotten my original "sign in" name. Then re-signed and have had various nom de plumes on account of certain disagreements with the management. We have since agreed to disagree on their handling of the customer.

25th Dec 2008, 07:39
Can't remember how I found Pprune, most likely when I as looking for information on some aspect of flight testing, been involved with aviation since I was 16, only as ground crew (avionics), now only flight testing as an FTI Engineer. Never wanted to be a pilot, though I would have liked to be able to fly a helicopter some times, Mainly an Apache, when I've had a bad day on the Autobahn :E

Frohe Weihnachten to all

Its never Christmas till I have heard this: YouTube - merry christmas everybody (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niIJ9Yb-xwQ)

Mac the Knife
25th Dec 2008, 08:01
By accident, floating in the custard....................


25th Dec 2008, 08:36
Sitting on the potty with a large malt thinking "what the **** do I do next" thus I'm here, O bollocks lost again;)

Buster Hyman
25th Dec 2008, 10:56
Well, a mixture between constipation & a typo on Google landed me here...

25th Dec 2008, 11:00
Saw it mentioned in the Torygraph, many years ago. Lurked for a good few years then signed up when I needed a username to read posts after changing PC.


No professional credentials, just SLF but 40 hours Cessnas

25th Dec 2008, 11:04
Through a colleague of mine at work (in a bank :( )

Said colleague's wife works for China Airlines :p


25th Dec 2008, 11:07
Shock horror probe. A journalist told me about it years ago.
'Good place to learn about planes and aviation stuff.'
He's probably lurking somewhere right now. ;)

Whiskey Kilo Wanderer
25th Dec 2008, 11:11
I saw something in one of the UK GA Comics, Pilot or Flyer. They did a piece on one of the early Bashes. I may have been hooked before that, ATC Humour must be one of the threads that draws a lot of folk in to the fold.

Merry Christmas,


Capn Notarious
25th Dec 2008, 11:17
Found as a snippet in the English Newspaper that has been mentioned.
One email and a response from Captain Danny. Thank you all

25th Dec 2008, 11:26
Did a search on a interweb search engine for a forum for crew ..... a while back.

25th Dec 2008, 11:30
Grew up in West London in the 50's. Used to often watch Brentford FC where if (all right when) the football was boring one could watch the procession of airliners going into Heathrow, then like I guess many others often used to take the train to Hounslow West and catch the 81B bus and spend all day on top of the Queen's Building. This was in the heyday of BEA Viscounts and the first jets were starting to appear. Grew out of it to some extent then on the 3rd March 1974 I lost a relative and good mate on the Turkish DC10 near Paris and started taking a great interest in the investigation of accidents.

Was referred here by Google when I was looking something up about eight years ago and got hooked. I have no connection with anything to do with aviation but have always read up on pprune avidly whilst (I sincerely hope) never posting any comments outside my limited knowledge.

I am mildly autistic and have made many friends on the site, mainly within the Trabby clan, and would be very disappointed if I was ever thrown out of here through being a non aviation person although it would of course be perfectly understandable.

25th Dec 2008, 11:40
MadsLad told me about it when he started flying training. Don't think he ventures in any more but I've sort of stuck around (and my username was chosen so he could guess who he was hopefully without other people realising and me embarrassing him). No flying experience personally.

25th Dec 2008, 11:44
Found out about this place via a university lecturer back in about '98. I never knew what a discussion forum was until I came here, now I have a healthy addiction to them :p

25th Dec 2008, 15:38
Stumbled across this lot about a year ago, entirely by accident.
Been addicted to it ever since. Can't seem to stop "Pruning".
Retired licensed maintenance engineer, with very extensive
flying spanner experience on all sorts of aircraft types.
Even got a flight engineering licence years ago, (ACE Freighters),
but they went bust before I got to do my Constellation type
training. Bast*rd! Still did a LOT of flogging around on various
aircraft types since then. All over the world really, but mainly
around Europe, Middle and Far east, Africa and some in USA.
Even did loads of trips with Britannia Airways,(RIP), to various
destinations such as Caribbean and North and South America.
Great fun most of the time, No regrets. :ok:

25th Dec 2008, 15:43
In 1995, having only recently discovered the joys of the internet I Joined in a small bulletin board discussion to argue with an airline junior co-pilot who said aviation was completely safe and our wives didn't have any cause to worry about our daily aviation escapades. He thought everyone flew in shirt sleeves and had coffee and meals brought to the cockpit. As a then non-UK based search and rescue pilot who couldn't get life insurance at any cost I disagreed with his reasoning and it kicked off. Co-jo told me that as a helicopter pilot I had no place on an airline pilots BBS website (in truth I probably had more fixed wing hours than he did at that time). Danny disagreed with him, I stayed and I'm still here, albeit under a different username. I lost my original one to someone else who re-registered it after everyone's details were completely lost in the first major server crash, which occurred while I was re-locating to another country and had no internet connection.

In those early days there was no smart website as we now see it. Danny was still flying shorthaul on turboprops and had enough time on his hands to email the day's discussions to us all each day. It grew until it became unmanageable and Danny had to buy some serious software and a server of his own. Thirteen years later it's as good as ever and some of the arguments are just as vicious. :}

25th Dec 2008, 16:45
Was looking for a little bit of historical info about the London Underground and found a site called TubePrune. This one was mentioned there, and so life as it formerly was ceased to exist...


Krystal n chips
25th Dec 2008, 17:04
I was "directed" to the site by a mate who informed me (via a link ) of a thread on the Mil. forum in which the Sandhurst school of (mis) management were whinging about sauce bottles in the Mess....as you would expect...and who was being duly torn to pieces as a result....hmmm ! I thought, this looks like a decent site then :ok::E

My Doctor and psychiatrist both assure me therapy is available for the addiction and note they have numerous other clients with the same condition....indeed I could name several on here who should be sectioned actually ! :ooh::E

However, it is a small world as I have discovered over time on this site. :ok:

25th Dec 2008, 17:57
I thought it was pporn.

25th Dec 2008, 18:33
I was told about pprune by my colleague,when we were talking about ASA global search two years ago.
Since,I have found this site as fantastic one,that covers everything or almost everything that may be interesting for someone who works in aviation. Non aviation themes are also widely available.
What is even more interesting my knowledge and ability to find proper answers is in direct connection with time that I spend on pprune.
Thanks to everyone that makes pprune,interesting.
Twenty years in aviation,last ten as licensed ATCO.

25th Dec 2008, 18:42
My base manager in Broome told me about in 1997. Might have been 1996.
It was just after the email broadcasts. It was great fun then. :E

25th Dec 2008, 18:59
My old Chief Pilot put me onto the BBS in December 96......

Survived the 2 forum days back when Jetblast really was a place to be feared, With I.F. Snailtrails sprouting wisdom and Slasher sprouting flames! Danny driving the Gemstone and we lived on 486's and dial up!

Got lost in the "Big Server Crash"...... got lost again in the next crash as well.

No better place on the net where you can get answers from the people that design and test the machines we fly, from the guy that writes the book of how it is done to how/why you do this in your company as opposed to another way.

Where rumours and trumours are unearthed and pure gems of information can arrive that make our operational lives so much better.

Merry Christmas everyone!

25th Dec 2008, 19:17
Was having a google browse re. Canberras (on which I spent 7 years as a techie) and found myself on PPRuNe, not only that but it was a thread on which I came across none other than the 'A' Flt. Commander of 32 Sqdn. Akrotiri, on which we were serving at the same time, '63-'66. We exchanged a few e-mails and since then I've been a regular. It's almost a second home where one can go to, not only, 'meet' some very interesting people but also witness some interesting debates. A gem of place.

25th Dec 2008, 19:21
On a seperate forum where there are Flight Simulator-addicts. :\

25th Dec 2008, 19:31
A friend in the UK told me via phone of the demise of a mutual buddy. You can read about it on pprune quoth he. Been hooked ever since.

25th Dec 2008, 19:45
Totally by accident.

25th Dec 2008, 22:25
Saw it mentioned on Whittle's Blog re: John Boyd.


25th Dec 2008, 22:37
About ten years ago I think I was trying to find something to help me understand why some VASP pilots (it may have been just one) tended to the spectacular on landings and takeoffs at SDU, over which my balcony provided a ringside seat. Somehow tripped over Pprune - which didn't provide the answer - but then VASP succumbed shortly thereafter anyway.

22 Degree Halo
25th Dec 2008, 23:03
How did You Find PPRuNe?

Been an onlooker for approx 5 years, but can't recall how I first found out. Some form of news I should guess..so went googling.

25th Dec 2008, 23:40
Accidentally stumbled upon PPRuNe when looking for a link on google and was hooked :}

26th Dec 2008, 00:26
Was in Awassa, Southern Ethiopia when the call came... your next assignment is assessing airports/airstrip capacity across certain African countries...

mini's old man was an aero engineer, ex Concord to boot, I'd a few hours in a Socato, but sod all knowledge of assessing base capacities... frantic Google search, e-mails to a relly in the industry etc.

Job done, still here, learning by the day :ok:

26th Dec 2008, 09:52
I can't remember what the prompt was, might have been Google or something I read on the Net, but as soon as I saw it I was hooked, forget Heroin, this is more addictive.
I had been metaphorically snorting avgas/avtur since early teens then joined the RAF. I maintained an interest after leaving then, due to improved finances, thought of doing my PPL. Prune keeps that idea afloat despite the credit whoopsy.
I have learned loads on here, especially when to shut up (I hope), read some very funny things and some pretty sad but mostly I enjoy the 'community'.
Now back to the Friday joke.

26th Dec 2008, 10:58
Mate sent me a link to the Sea Harrier thread in the Mil Forum, at the time when we were fighting to save the RNZAF. Life hasn't been the same since.

26th Dec 2008, 16:09
Started flying lessons last year (please don't ask how it's going :(... Always something else to spend the money on)... Visited a few forums then found one with many references to 'The Dark Side'... Been popping in ever since.

26th Dec 2008, 17:34
Totally hooked, altho' lurking most threads, was googling a dear friend who died in a tragic accident near Culdrose in the early 70's - amazing contacts/stories since. :D

then found one with many references to 'The Dark Side'

that'll be the Mil thread then??

cockney steve
26th Dec 2008, 22:33
I decided that R/C models were within my financial remit, but having built "planks" as a schoolboy, it had to be rotaryRC....that led to Runryder, the model Heli. site.....there, someone posted a link to Cockpit Conversation (my intro. to Blogs......Aviatrix has a link to Pprune......if it's good enough for her......:}

apart from that, I've found it informative,entertaining and intellectually stimulating.

hat, coat.

27th Dec 2008, 02:45
Through Google, when told to have a look for it from a mate at work...

I thought it was pporn.


27th Dec 2008, 09:26
How did you find PPRuNe? Altho' I've answered that earlier on, whilst browsing the admirable 'My Hero' thread by MRT I was struck by the fact that she had received a Christmas card from Willie Walsh - who must have been told about the story - who must have lurked onto JB to check to for himself - who might still be here??:eek:
Just a thought..

27th Dec 2008, 11:03
I was recommended to visit this site when I was in need of very detailed info on the operation of the 737 BBJ. The replies helped create an excellent simulation of the aux fuel system for the x-plane simulator freeware aircraft.

Cheers again to the pilots and techs who came forward and helped :ok:

Boeing 737-800 and BBJ aircraft for X-Plane 9 | Aircraft for X-Plane 9 | x737 Project (http://www.eadt.eu/index.php?aircraft-for-x-plane-9)

General Dread
27th Dec 2008, 11:23
During a flight deck visit on an Airtours flight from Dalaman to Birmingham back in 1998, the F/O suggested I check out a little website called PPRUNE.

How it's changed over the last 10 years or so!


27th Dec 2008, 14:03
On a CD I recieved from Bristol GS, a small video at the end had the head of training saying 'Check out the PPRuNe website'. I'd never heard of it before and thought it was something to do with the Pru(dential)- that finance company! :}

28th Dec 2008, 06:56
Purely by accident.

Googled "Does prune juice really help constipation" because of my "condition" at the time, but accidentially spelled "prune" as "pprune."

You could say I found my calling here, as many are likewise full of

28th Dec 2008, 10:30
It found me, and now I can't shake the damn thing off.... :rolleyes: