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24th Dec 2008, 15:30
Well I've asked this question a few years now. Normally I have nominated something I have done myself as a way to kick things off, but this year my wife beat me hands down!

Both my wife and my birthdays are in December so this year (it being a milestone year for my wife) I booked a luxury house on the water front near here for a weekend away with friends and family. Her birthday was on the sunday and so having arrived saturday morning, settled in, gone out for a meal and had a few drinks in the house we retired to bed. I was soon exiled to the spare room due to snoring (I'm sure a few will sympathise).

Come sunday morning (Birthday day) I am awoken by my wifes calls for help!!!!

During the night she had got up in unfamiliar surroundings and having tripped over a towel which had slipped onto the floor, she took a swan dive into the marble bathroom (not quite the entry she had in mind). Now she bumped her head quite badly but decided that that was all so she went to the loo as originally planned and returned to bed. She woke up some hours later and was in considerable pain!

Long story short she ended up in the State trauma unit as she managed to tear the colon away from the liver (apparently they are attached) and had a haematoma of the colon. Fortunately this has been managed with medication and she has made it home for christmas even if still in considerable pain!

So anybody top that? Over to you guys!

24th Dec 2008, 15:33
I identified a quotation from Kipling for an inquirer on PPRuNe.

24th Dec 2008, 15:39
now there is stupid and there is STUPID

Noah Zark.
24th Dec 2008, 15:49
So anybody top that? Over to you guys! :eek: :uhoh:
Don't really want, thanks all the same, R4.
Hope the Mem Sahib continues to recover fully, and Merry Christmas to you and yours! :)

mr fish
24th Dec 2008, 16:21
making a ariel bracket out of sheet ally, suported one end on fence post, held other in hand, drilled 6mm hole in what i presumed was middle.
drilled 6mm hole in left forefinger, missed bone by "not much at all".
went through ALL my swear words!!!
chased son around garden when he burst out laughing!!!

24th Dec 2008, 17:47
Boxing day will be the first anniversary of trying to cut my nails with a sharp axe whilst chopping up wood for the log burner. Fortunately the axe stopped on hitting and breaking the thumb bone.:{:{ Spent the rest of the day in Casualty where the doctor talked through the repair with a trainee:yuk::yuk: I really did not want to know all the detail. Nail has now grown back but end of thumb now numb.

Mac the Knife
24th Dec 2008, 18:28
"I identified a quotation from Kipling for an inquirer on PPRuNe."

Ach Davaar!....if I didn't have you to sharpen my wits where would I be?


24th Dec 2008, 19:53

What do you mean by that?

Say again s l o w l y
24th Dec 2008, 20:11
I've done far too many stupid things this year to bring just one up.

Cunim, has anyone bought you a log splitter for Christmas? Much better and safer than an axe!

24th Dec 2008, 22:19
said the wrong thing at the wrong time of the month yesterday.Christmas dinner will be either very noisy or coldly quiet.... oops!

24th Dec 2008, 22:27
Every stupid thing I've done this year can be summarized as: I trusted people to keep promises, meet commitments, and generally do what they said they would do. I should have known better, but in some of those cases I had no real choice in the matter, so the disappointment was inevitable. :(

Say again s l o w l y
24th Dec 2008, 22:45
bnt, you should know better than that!
A bugger when it happens though. You trust someones intelligence and professionalism and they pee all over you. A great feeling...........

25th Dec 2008, 01:24

better not to load an spoken of burden upon people at all. Be fair and neutral and realise that your standards are not shared or understood by others. That way nobody is let down.

Do it yourself or accept a lesser result.


25th Dec 2008, 08:42
I woke up yesterday:ok: Twas not the first time though, got to stop doing all these time wasting things like playing with airyplanes and such:E

Liam Gallagher
25th Dec 2008, 09:07
Went drinking with a guy named Bernard.... Bernard Madoff ;)

25th Dec 2008, 09:47
:{Fell through a ceiling last week,Fell through a rotten floor a few month ago,got a huge electric shock last month but worst of all i sold my Ducati :ugh:

25th Dec 2008, 10:29
Spent too much bl**din' money on ''The Festive Season'', I blame, you know who!

25th Dec 2008, 11:51
Dropped my wallet in a taxi in Brisbane. I hope the b****d who found it breaks a leg!

25th Dec 2008, 12:36

better not to load an spoken of burden upon people at all.

I wasn't talking about anything fuzzy, such as unspoken assumptions or expectations on my part, so why do you assume it's my fault? I was talking about explicit agreements, such as "I will do <thing> by <time>" or "I will be at <place> at <time>". There is no confusion here about who was supposed to do what. I generally do things myself if I can, so I don't need you to tell me that, but sometimes you have to work with other people. Your failed attempt to turn my remarks back on me was insulting and unnecessary. Stay out of it, you don't know what you're talking about. :=

Are you one of those people who assumes that, when someone has a complaint, it's the problem of the person complaining? Unrealistic expectations, or not properly communicating requirements, or whatever? I've met people like that, usually in management, and they generally fail to understand that sometimes other people do not do what they openly and explicitly agree to do. All you can do, yourself, is not be one of those people, keep any commitments you make, and don't make a promise if you're not prepared to deliver on it.

25th Dec 2008, 20:41
Not listening seriously enough to my friend who told me last July that he had moved all his investments into a cash position.
He is in the financial and retirement planning business.
He basically said that there were too many things that he did not like happening at the same time.

26th Dec 2008, 14:07
I decided to check one of the a/c toilets at the completely wrong time. As it was "green" i opened it, as you do, only to discover a young lad pleasuring himslef.
I laughed. Out Loud too. Might've pointed my finger and called for the rest of the crew.:rolleyes:
That was stupid, cause one reckons the lad is now in therapy.:ugh:

26th Dec 2008, 14:36
Took a flying job, so now I'm stone cold broke.

26th Dec 2008, 14:46
ATS, you never know, he might have enjoyed it!!!!!

26th Dec 2008, 21:04
Abusing the sky:
That was stupid, cause one reckons the lad is now in therapy.

Given that you are woman of the female variety. There is a more horrifying possibility. He may very well have incorporated you into his fantasy version of what happened next. Worse, he may have consigned it to the internet in full detail. :eek:Just don't think about it too much.:O

26th Dec 2008, 21:09
I said: "Yes, your bum DOES look big in that".

She was in the shower.

Beatriz Fontana
27th Dec 2008, 15:13
Rather tipsy in the mess bar one night as everyone was that night. Very senior chap talking to other senior chaps about a team he once worked with. Hang on, I thought, I once worked there too. Sidled up to the conversation, introduced myself, asked the very senior his name...

Yep, I didn't recognise my old boss.

Quick exit made. Not been allowed to live it down since.

rhythm method
27th Dec 2008, 16:07
Decided to overtake a car on a country road on the way home from work last night... the blue flashing lights were quite well hidden behind the grille! They thought more than 80mph was a bit excessive! D'oh! :ugh:

Squeegee Longtail
27th Dec 2008, 19:14
...bought an aeroplane

Foxy Loxy
28th Dec 2008, 00:57
The night before a PPruNE bash in late January, I went into my kitchen for a glass of water in the early hours of the morning and promptly slipped on fridge leakage and landed on a glass vase....

.... on my back. By midday, I had been discharged by Southend Gen. towards the taxi rank sporting 13 stitches between two deep cuts in my back. Plus some lovely analgesics :ok:

I didn't make the bash. :(

28th Dec 2008, 02:46
Listening to a "Financial Adviser" :{:{:{

28th Dec 2008, 04:25
Waited untill nearly last to check in and got a world scumbag class upgrade to SFO - from LHR Thanks BA, I really enjoyed it in row 13 instead of row 66 may usual hangout - Yep I will shave again if this is the result.

Stupid Yeah ! - great stuff - Just another 10 Years to wait untill the next time. I will fly "proper class" again - its is WORTH EVERY PENNY

Relaxed CATIII - nice in SFO today too. (Dog with two tails - OK just a Dog.)

28th Dec 2008, 07:07
Dumped my paper investments for cold hard cash just before the crash, so that negates any and all "stupid thing(s)." ;)

29th Dec 2008, 00:24
Lucky you, V2.

I bought a motorcycle. :bored:

Lon More
29th Dec 2008, 00:46
dumbest thing to date this year was getting out of bed on Jan 1.

Two days to go and I may yet trump that.