View Full Version : Quantas - The Fat Aussie Barstard gives the definitive opinion

24th Dec 2008, 13:25
YouTube - I nearly got killed flying QANTAS ! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9K1O0tAPt8&feature=channel)

Caution: gross manners, obscene language, not PC.

Caution: don't watch with a full bladder !

24th Dec 2008, 13:27

24th Dec 2008, 14:48
Get the **** your spelling correct, it's "Queers and Nancies Trained as Stewards". Hence QANTAS:E

galaxy flyer
24th Dec 2008, 17:12
Hey, hey, ease off....strine is not his native language! Strewth!!


But it is QANTAS !!

24th Dec 2008, 17:36
To be fair to OFSO, although the YouTube Video title could have helped him spell QANTAS, if you watch the Video, which apparently was posted by "The Fat Aussie Bastard"...

The video is subtitled so those who don't speak Oz could understand what he was saying, and the whole video said Quantas, Quantas, Quantas...

So OFSO was probably thinking "There is no u in Qantas, There is no u in Qantas, There is No u in Qantas, oh ****, I put a u in Qantas..... damn you fat aussie bastard!!!"

Like one of those phsyc word association games "what do cows make, what is cheese made of, what do you put with your cereal, what do cows drink"

24th Dec 2008, 18:45
No, no, birrddog, no apologies or excuses for me - I am a silly quant.

Part of the problem is that we English speakers (or for that matter we Catalan speakers) are so accustomed to following a "q" with a "u" when we write it's second nature.

I'll just have to concentrate more in future....

Ah well, back to that old Qeensland and Northern Territory Airline, then.

Merry Christmas, everyone !


Kelly Hopper
24th Dec 2008, 20:08
Qeensland and Northern Territories Aerial Services!!!

24th Dec 2008, 20:13
He sounds very much like the "actor" that does the Chopper Read impersonations :}

24th Dec 2008, 20:35
Capt Grumpy, Harden the F:mad: Up! ;)

Ronnie John's f'ing hilarious.