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24th Dec 2008, 11:00
Does anyone know where I could obtain a copy of Aerowinx? The website (aerowinx.com) says they've stopped distributing copies earlier this year, and it doesn't seem to be available as a download anywhere. I've searched the net for distributors who still have it, but to no avail.

Is anyone aware of a site it could be downloaded from?

A A Gruntpuddock
25th Dec 2008, 19:17
Apparently available at :-

Download-Provider.com — Aerowinx Precision Simulator (http://www.download-provider.com/search/Aerowinx%20Precision%20Simulator.html?aff.id=1036&aff.subid=1)

You have to log into the website to get the download; I didn't bother so I can't guarantee that it works.

26th Dec 2008, 16:31
I bought this a few years ago but it no longer works on my PC with Vista. I think it runs on XP though, and there probably is a method of getting it to work with Vista.

It was 200 new. The paper manual is superb.

Might be worth calling the pilot shops at various airfields if you have no joy online. Because it's quite pricey if they have some in I guess they tend to stay in for a while.

Let me know how it goes, I still have the disc and manual and could maybe sell it if you twist my arm enough... :ok:

Best regards and Happy New Year


26th Dec 2008, 20:38
I have the original boxed version, if anybody wants it (Or the download version doesn't work)

I don't want anything for it, and ill post it to anywhere in the U.K.

26th Dec 2008, 21:11
Giving it away!?

That's me out of some dosh then! There is a credit crunch you know!

21st Jun 2009, 21:28
Well, if six months on, anyone still wants to sell a copy, I'm in the market... Drop me a line please. Thanks!