View Full Version : Santa finally manages to comply with new CAA regulations.

24th Dec 2008, 10:14

Happy Christmas everyone!

blue up
24th Dec 2008, 11:43
Mode S transponder?

Fireproof name/address plaque?

Mandatory labels?

Insurance documents?

Ops manuals?


What else?:}

24th Dec 2008, 11:50
Take-off & landing performance on a contaminated runway (roof?)

24th Dec 2008, 16:50
I have set up the PAPIs on my roof for tonight.

I'm hoping that RAF Benson don't get confused.

Pugilistic Animus
24th Dec 2008, 20:53
Now time for OSHA:}

24th Dec 2008, 20:56
Limited on the lights there.

Rotating beacon ? Well maybe the nose, maybe ...
Nav lights ?
Strobes ?

24th Dec 2008, 21:08
Where's the Tech Log?

Brian Abraham
25th Dec 2008, 02:32
Police Check (Kids ya know)
Employment History
Licencing Authority
Diplomatic Over Flight and Landing Clearances

Merry Xmas Prooners & Family

25th Dec 2008, 04:15
A visible registration would be good as well, but that is the least of his worries...

Is he the accountable manager, as well as (presumably) Chief Pilot and DFO? CAA won't like that!

What is his country of registry? How does he get all those traffic rights?

Never mind his AOC, who issued his OL? Given that this is a cargo service serving the general public, he must have one... but how? Can he show sufficient cash reserves to operate for three months with no revenue? (Trust me, they won't care in Kingsway that he only intends to operate for one night!!)

The only way around all this - he is operating as a charter.

But who charters him?? :confused: ;)

Compliments of the season to all!!


26th Dec 2008, 15:09
How the heck is he going to survive an ejection over water?
No life raft? And if he did have a liferaft he'd need to carry
a shotgun, + suitable certification for it, in case the reindeer
decides to go berserk! Aha, never thought of that didyer? :ugh:

Romeo India Xray
26th Dec 2008, 16:18
Nice to see that even Santa couldn't get the bl$$dy axe past those "security" idiots. See, they are even present at the N Pole now. :ugh:

A belated merry Christmas to all PPruners!


jetset lady
26th Dec 2008, 16:52
How the heck is he going to survive an ejection over water?
No life raft?

No need for a life raft, Stormin. The seat cushions in the sled detach and can be used as flotation devices!

26th Dec 2008, 21:42
But, most importantly, where's his hi-viz jacket??? :suspect:

26th Dec 2008, 22:05
stormin, no need to shoot the reindeer for water ditching... they are amphibious!

27th Dec 2008, 15:00
Has anyone checked that his pilot's licence is valid?

27th Dec 2008, 15:30
Has anyone checked that his pilot's licence is valid?

Bet it isn't. How many times has he infringed Rule 5?



Sir George Cayley
27th Dec 2008, 17:52
And the real show stopper:eek:

Has he done his exposition framed in Safety Management System terms?:ok:

Sir George Cayley

27th Dec 2008, 19:24
Last CAA flt check guy I spoke to INSISTED that he would need
a shotgun on a Santa check flight!
How the heck can he reproduce an engine failure on T/O without
shooting one or two of the effin reindeers? Answer me that then!!!

And another thing! He would NOT be allowed to operate using a
SINGLE reindeer sledge at night! Elf and Effin safety innit?