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tony draper
23rd Dec 2008, 22:50
Watching this years outing, The Crooked House,just wondering why Ghost Stories are associated with Xmas? is it not a happy time for the dominant religion in this land? does it perchance hark back to our pagan mid winter celebrations,tales told around the great fire in the feasting halls or beneath the sacred oak as the sun begins its long wander back north where it belongs.

Beatriz Fontana
23rd Dec 2008, 23:03
Nah, Sir Drapes, nothing to do with us Pagans. The "ghost" stories circulated about the ancestors around the Pagan New Year (for the Christians amongst us, that's the 31st October). I fear this may be another Victorian invention.

The Pagans are usually too drunk at this time of year to spin a yarn... Day three of twelve, still bearing up!!

tony draper
23rd Dec 2008, 23:14
Don't think much of this years outing the afore mentioned Crooked House,certainly not up to Mr James's work.
The modern technological world we live in does not lend itself to ghost stories,being sucked into the virtual world on yer puter and sword fencing wi monsters does have the same kind of bite as sitting alone at a table the last half inch of your candle guttering out when something reeking from the grave yard is due to keep a promised appointment any minute

23rd Dec 2008, 23:29
always liked M R James a man who knew how to let your imagination do the work for him,nothing scarier than the contents of your own head!

24th Dec 2008, 13:21
Why, also, is there always a plethora of detective stuff on TV?

Never really took to any of the wooden bunch, excepting Jason's Frost and Thaw's Regan.

tony draper
24th Dec 2008, 13:29
Sherlock Holmes man meself,but Morse is bearable,agree with Regan,he was before the days of fluffy policemen,he kicked ass as the cousins would say.

24th Dec 2008, 17:18
I thought 'The Crooked house' was scary enough, not only that. I didn't see the twist coming. I did see the eyeless ghost image coming, so I warned my wife, who hid behind a leaflet on weaning babies instead of the more obvious and substantial sofa. Unsurprisingly it wasn't enough, she looked anyway and screamed.

I'm sufficiently intrigued to watch the next one but will be providing my wife with something bigger to hide behind.

I don't know whether ghost stories at Christmas is a newish tradition, perhaps with Dickensian origins. But remember it is the darkest and gloomiest time of the year, in the northern hemisphere anyway. It seems somehow appropriate.

tony draper
24th Dec 2008, 17:29
Hmmm,I remember ghost stories at Christmas when I were a lad so they's not new,could indeed be summat to do wi Dickens I suppose, ie A Christmas Carol, the dead Mr Marley,the Ghost of Christmas past and all that Jazz,seems that Dickens invented half the stuff to do with Xmas in that book.