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23rd Dec 2008, 20:42
Just back from the Folklore Centre, which is thriving. Great news! They now have a selection of didgeredoos on which, what is more, they offer group lessons! Mark that: group lessons!

Who would have thought Ontario would demand groups of didgeredoo dabblers? I am weary these days of pushing papers, and I wonder what the future might hold for ventures new, as say a mature student of the didgeredoo? Does the instrument have a wide repertoire?

Can any advise me in this quandary? I am already a fairly good rotten player on the alto sax, and a rotten rotten player on the harmonica -- bending the flat notes on the latter is my problem. If I could just master that I'd shoot up very soon to fairly good rotten player.

tony draper
23rd Dec 2008, 20:48
Surely this is cultural treason you are considering Mr Davaar? whats wrong wi the Scottish elbow operated automatic didgeredoo the Bagpipes?

23rd Dec 2008, 21:21
I recall a story from a few years past that archeologists had been puzzled by some long bronze celtic trumpets that did not appear to have mouth pieces. As much as they dug, no mouth pieces were to be found.

Turned out they were a high tech version of the good old didge but it wasn't until someone came back from a sabbatical in Australia that the penny dropped.

Once you master the trick of breathing in through the nose while blowing out through the mouth, you're home and hosed as a didge maestro.

Beatriz Fontana
23rd Dec 2008, 21:26
It's all about blowing and mouth movement. Which in a group activity... :O

tony draper
23rd Dec 2008, 21:28
Well Archaeologically speaking yer Didgeredoo is stone age flint arrow head type technology,whereas yer Bagpipe is bronze age perhaps even iron age gear ,progress had been made.
One is a noise maker tother is a musical Instrument.

23rd Dec 2008, 22:29
Perhaps it is just a passing temptation, One thing occurs to me: is your didgeredoo a favoured nesting place of the dreaded funnel-web or any of its little, or even large cousins? Could be, you know. I must know for sure.

23rd Dec 2008, 22:36
tut, how can you ask? any regular playing of the instrument will drive off any arachnids for several miles around.and people,cats,dogs....

24th Dec 2008, 00:33
whats wrong wi the Scottish elbow operated automatic didgeredoo the Bagpipes?

Well, I did have a go, but the drones kept bumping off the ceiling in the basement. I should have persevered. The band went on tour to Europe. In Germany they had a gig in a big theatre. The main stage had a sort of huge elevator in the centre, hydraulic I think, that raised a circular stage from the depths to normal stage level. At the critical moment said circular stage, true to its function, emerged from the lower regions; and on it the band, pipes and drums blasting out "Muss 'i denn zum Staedtele hinaus" as arranged for pipes by the Pipe Major.The audience went wild. The band was the hit of the decade.

24th Dec 2008, 00:56
Already battling insomnia, I now have "Muss i den" cheerily jumping in my head.

Davaar, how could you? :{

24th Dec 2008, 02:28
Hey flaps here's another one to add to your misery..

Play your didgeridoo Blue, play your didgeridoo
Keep playin' 'till I shoot through Blue
Play your didgeridoo do, all together now.... :E

Brian Abraham
24th Dec 2008, 04:35
Wait for the PC crowd to hear about this thread. From Kidman's didgeridoo blunder causes a stir (http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=697525)

Nicole Kidman has caused a stir with by playing a didgeridoo on a German television show, angering local indigenous groups.

The 41-year-old actress, promoting her latest film Australia on the high-rating chat show Wetten, Dass…?, attempted to play the Aboriginal wind instrument while co-star Hugh Jackman stood on one leg in a style adopted by legendary Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil.

But some indigenous groups have not taken to the light-hearted stunt as women are not permitted to play the didgeridoo in many parts of Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

"I presume she doesn't know, otherwise she wouldn't be playing it," Allen Madden, from Sydney's Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, told the Herald.

"Baz (Luhrmann) should know something about it, after working with those traditional fellas on the film."

Not all communities consider the didgeridoo to be a danger to women but some say it makes women infertile, especially in the south-east parts of Australia.

If that's the case, why the hell do they (aboriginal community) flog them off to all and sundry as souvenirs.

Howard Hughes
24th Dec 2008, 06:05
One thing occurs to me: is your didgeredoo a favoured nesting place of the dreaded funnel-web or any of its little, or even large cousins?
All Dijeridus packaged for export, come complete with Funnel Web Spider, Taipan (Snake) and Blue Ringed Octopus enclosed...;)

24th Dec 2008, 09:00
The breathing and blowing has a further essential use in cheating when asked by Mr Plod to blow into his instrument. My Cousin's son got off doing just that. So the Didge lessons may start to be rather sine qua none.:ok:

24th Dec 2008, 15:32
They really have run out of news now, haven't they?

I don't know how anybody could describe a crude tube of wood an instrument in the first place, and the sound which emanates is vile to the ear.


(although having said that, I would be delighted to give Miss Kidman lessons)