View Full Version : Christmas Phlatulence

23rd Dec 2008, 17:00

It seems to have started early this year, not a sprout nor gravy boat insight, is this my bodies muscle memory in action..or something else?

A common issue? or just one to be dealt with by opening the window..or blaming the dog.

Over to you fellow poo-ronners :eek:

23rd Dec 2008, 17:09
Fart oo much information, h!

23rd Dec 2008, 17:53
Thanks, Haughtney. Reminded me to take my evening pill.

(Side effects, you know).

23rd Dec 2008, 18:21
Here's something to take your mind off the problem:

Christmas With The Sproutifarts - Flash Game (http://www.eyegas.com/sproutifarts/)

23rd Dec 2008, 18:27
H, just bring to mind those lovely school time thoughts of letting one go in assembly :E:E:E:E:E:E:E:EEnjoy the FART, at least Queen Vic forgave one :ok:

23rd Dec 2008, 19:01
Are you sure it was Queen Vic?

Or are you thinking of the John Aubrey story of Qeen Liz 1 and the Earl of Oxford?

When the Earl made a low obeisance to the Queen, he happened to let go a fart, at which he was so ashamed that he left the country for 7 years. At his return the Queen welcomed him and said, "My lord, We have forgot the fart"!

Beatriz Fontana
23rd Dec 2008, 21:49
Without going in to too much detail... I wonder if it's something about sourcing?

Normally, British supermarket sprouts - biohazard. This year, dad's own garden grown sprouts (no fertilizer, organic), absolutely no side affects.

Lesson identified, grow one's own!!

Standard Noise
23rd Dec 2008, 22:35
Nah, Crimbo wouldn't be Crimbo without sproutigas, especially if mixed with Guinnessgas. Lucyfer must be taught that hooman farts rool, not doggy guff!

24th Dec 2008, 00:51
Slightly off subject--but not too far---My English teacher always told us to spell "fart" with a "ph", therefore it should be "PHART", although all conventional dictionaries tend to disagree.

24th Dec 2008, 04:41
Don't open the window H The smell is for the benifit of those who don't hear it.

YouTube - Mr Methane (The Fartman) (http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=z3ww3GYx5To)

Perhaps you should contact this guy,he seems to have some control over the situation:ok:

Howard Hughes
24th Dec 2008, 04:53
Perhaps you are just an arse?:}